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jazz croci don't love you

puppets in the same sick playsneakers and sign
I've now been an unemployed bum for a total of two weeks... and I'm growing a beard.

Sadly, my ability to grow a decent looking beard is somewhat questionable, or else two weeks isn't enough to make it not look like a malnourished dead squirrel stuck to my face. I'll give it another week or at least until it bugs me too much.

I didn't do a post last week because there really wasn't a goddamn thing to talk about, doubly so because I didn't go up to Ma's place.

The only thing that really happened of note that week was I went into the city to get my new glasses, which showed up in record time (and unlike last time didn't take three or four tries due to lens breakage). Oh, and I went to Tink's for my haircut... but that's a regular occurrence.

Mostly I've just spent a couple of weeks reading books, watching movies and a bunch of YouTube and did a bunch of housework (including doing some sorting out of my DVDs). And tried not to panic overly about the future.

I have now decided that trying to make a giant pot of soup (or in the case of the week just gone, the mother of all pots of stew) and then having it for every meal is a giant mistake and you get bored of that shit pretty fast.

This week I only left the house twice... once for a slightly disappointing hookup and once for my chiro appointment.

Like the rest of the two weeks, today wasn't overtly exciting.

I went and did the shopping this morning... came back, unpacked, then headed up to Ma's. I had half a plan to either go and see a movie or go out to Port Adelaide to track down the Wonderwall street art pieces... Ma wanted to do a bunch of things at her shopping centre, so I figure I'll go and do that myself sometime during the week maybe.

We did the usual circuit of the shopping centre, then went to the movies... then afterwards went and had a very late lunch or possibly a very early dinner at Schnithouse... which was very nice, as always. I have a fondness for the one that comes with mashed potato and a sausage... it's just nicer than the usual fries.

Anyway, I dropped Ma home and then headed back home myself.

So, yeah... my life is pretty fucking boring right now.

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