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It's been a couple of weeks... last weekend Ma and I had decided that there really wasn't any point in me going down, there wasn't anything we needed to do, so I just did the shopping thing, came home and that was that.

We kind of made up for it today though... but more on that later.

The Sunday after my last Saturday post was when I was due to go and pose as an artists model for the gay men's art group... which I did. And I say "group", but once again there was only two artists... but weirdly I'm pretty certain that it was exactly the same date, which coincided with Mother's Day.

It was a lot of fun though. The guy who contacted me about coming in to pose was really sweet and was very enthusiastic about having me as a model (partly because I had ideas about posing that he liked... which isn't really surprising given my history with art directing models for when I used to photograph guys). He was also an amazing artist... and I love the three quick pastel sketches he did (especially the first one). I'm pretty sure the other guy was also there the last time as well, the style of the artwork is very similar.

The coordinator guy was interested in working with me again, both with the group and just with him. But last time I posed it took four years before they contacted me again, so we'll see what happens this time. The nudity part was again a non-issue, I basically stayed naked during the whole session and I didn't feel weird about it... which is interesting.

But I'm glad I went and did it again... it would just be nice to do it when there's more than a couple of artists though.... hehe.

Last week was also Haircut Night... and there's not much to report on that front. We did the same old, same old with my hair. The only thing of note from that night was that they're moving to Stirling up in the hills before the end of the year. Which is... problematic. I don't enjoy driving into the hills, so that'll be fun. They were originally going to build somewhere closer to the city, but her partner suddenly got a bee in his bonnet about just buying a place in the hills. Don't really know why. But that's what they're doing now. The only upside is that given where I am now and where they're living at the moment, it should take roughly the same length of time to get there as it does now.

Whether I keep doing it or I try and find a new hairdresser, I don't know... training a new hairdresser is always a pain, and it won't be anywhere near as cheap as it is now.

Change, man... I fucking hate it.

Nothing of any real interest happened this week... I need to get better with my daily walks... I still haven't managed to do a whole week. Also the questionable beard continues... I did give it a fairly severe trim after I came back from the modelling gig as it was just getting on my nerves, but yeah, it's still there.

Now, on to today.

I'm out of practice of really getting my shit together on a Saturday morning, since I don't really have to right now... so while I got to the supermarket slightly earlier than I have done recently, I still wasn't as early as "the old days".

But I did the shopping, came back here, did the usual thing and then headed off to Ma's place.

The plan was to go to the movies in the morning, then go to Princess T's daughter's (or Princess P) first birthday. Yeah, about as fun as it sounds.

So that was pretty much what happened.

The movie we'll talk about later... I will say that while I was a little annoyed that they screw up our order at the place we went for lunch, it did mean that we had a legitimate excuse for getting to the party fairly late, but it did mean we were there for cutting the cake.

Also, going to a first birthday party in the Northern suburbs where you only know the people you're related to and their associated partners... it's... well it's a thing that happened. It wasn't hideous, and it was nice to be there for Princess T and La Cousina. Although I don't know who made the cake, because while it looked pretty on the outside, on the inside it was essentially four doormats stacked on top of each other and covered with pink glitter icing.

Yeah, not good.

And that was pretty much it, we came, we saw, we ate bad cake, we left... I dropped Ma at her place and came home.

Ma goes into the hospital on Tuesday for her surgery to fix her shoulder... so if you could think good thoughts at some point during the day, that would be good.

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