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First things first... Ma is doing better. She has an appointment on Monday when she'll know more, including when she's allowed to drive again, but overall she's good. I've been checking in with her roughly once a day, just to ensure she's okay.

Sunday I spent the morning cleaning the bathroom and kitchen and then vacuuming and mopping the floors. You know, all the fun stuff. I do enjoy coming home to a very clean house though.

And it's always challenging to have cleaned your kitchen, especially the stove, and then use it to cook chicken and boil eggs and fry bacon. Also, it's only been a couple of weeks of salad and I already miss soup weather... or rather I miss the process of making soup, which is so much more interesting and enjoyable than making salad. Not to mention it's way more work at the other end when I'm making my lunch.


The inspection, unsurprisingly, went fine. So much so that she left me a little "thank you" card... which was lovely, but a little bit overkill.

Work was fine this week... it's definitely calmed down, thus beings the slow descent into the Christmas season. At least I hope it's mostly a descent... I'm hoping there's not a big unexpected spike at any point.

Friday morning I was standing in the shower, literally not moving, when the muscles in my back locked up one after another. Not all of them, just a small section on the left side, but I wasn't even moving. What even is my life, seriously. Thankfully I already had an appointment with my chiro... but still.

So, yeah, my chiro appointment was at midday, so I did something I don't normally do and had an actual lunch break where I went places and did things.

Today was pretty much a rinse and repeat of last Saturday... well it would have been completely so had it not been for the Norwood Christmas Pageant. Now it's my own fault... I knew the pageant was on, I should have gone to the other Foodland... but I didn't want to (it's still not the "best" anything). Plus I should have been more organised and left the house earlier, but the pageant wasn't until 10:30, so I had a bunch of time. I figured, how complicated can it be, surely they just close off the Parade, put barricades up to stop you getting from the cross streets to the Parade... easy.

Like fuck.

First off, they close all the side streets off bar a couple, which is just plain madness. Even if they want to stop people from parking, just put up no parking signs for fuck's sake.

Getting in, once I found a road I could actually go down, was relatively fine... I got to the car park no problem, I made it across the road to get bread, no problem... and there were less people actually at the supermarket than usual, so massive bonus there.

No, the problem came when I tried to leave.

The problem with closing off all roads into or out of that part of Norwood is that the cars that do want to come in can only do it via those one or two roads that are open. And they do. Also, a lot of them were driving 4WD's, in the suburbs... so, yeah, do the math on that one.

It would have been okay if I didn't have to turn across a lane of traffic and if a seemingly never-ending stream of people weren't trying to turn into the street I was in, thereby blocking me in essentially.

Something that normally takes 2 minutes tops, to get from the supermarket to the end of the Parade, took over 15 minutes. And then because there were traffic cones and signs, every halfwit on the road was either doing stupid things or driving slower than necessary.

Suffice to say, not a fun time. And the halfwittery continued... all the way down to Ma's place people where driving 10km slower than the speed limit, for no discernibile reason.

Anyway... deep, cleansing breaths. Many, many deep cleansing breaths.

I wasn't sure what we would be doing when I got to Ma's... and I did float the idea of going to the movies, but I think she's been sitting around watching movies quite a lot, so it didn't really appeal. But we went to the shopping centre near her, just to get her out of the house and to pick up a few non-supermarket things she wanted.

It was better than last week, if only because I wasn't constantly worried someone would bang into her and injure her shoulder... but I did need to keep checking where she was whenever she went out of my line of vision.

But it was good to get her out of the house... I didn't really hang around for very long after we got back though.

We'll see what this next week brings.

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