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First up... anyone who's read the blog for a while knows I'm not someone who discusses politics... but I just have to say WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK AMERICA!?!

There are two sides of history... one is the correct side, the side that advances society, that makes things more inclusive and safe for people to live their lives and protect those that are unable to protect themselves. If you're on the other side of that, history will judge you harshly and accordingly.

And history will judge America for the next four years.

But getting back to less serious matters...

This week saw the start of the salad season. It wasn't too bad for the first attempt... I ended up using the sandwich press at work to grill a peach each day to add to the salad which was nice. As I think I said last week though, the main thing is really getting the dressing right and while this was just a simple dijon vinaigrette, I used raspberry vinegar so it was really tasty.

I'll be honest, the first part of this week passed without much of an impact, but Wednesday afternoon was pretty much a write-off with watching the progress of the train wreck that was the American election. At one point I had four different websites up (The Guardian, The New York Times, ABC and FiveThirtyEight)... and none of the numbers agreed with each other, however as soon as it was clear that Florida was lost and the election was going down the toilet it was really hard to concentrate on anything else.

Of course that was in addition to explaining how the US elections work to a number of my co-workers (thanks to seven seasons of The West Wing).

And then I came home, stopped off at the supermarket, bought faux Magnum icecreams, went to the bottle shop for Kahlua... added them both to the blender and made myself a little alcoholic milkshake. It was really tasty too... I may try it again with some frozen berries to just add a little thickness... but it's definitely worth repeating.

Friday was fine right up until I left work to go home.

I thought that the forecast was that the day was going to be pretty damn warm, then overnight a change was coming through. So I didn't take an umbrella or anything, not even the emergency one I often keep in my bag. Which would have been fine if not for the thunderstorm that rolled across the state.

When the big fat rain started I took shelter under a tree, which was fine for a few minutes until the rain started leaking through the leaves.

And then the hail started.

Yeah, the temperature went from 30°C to hail within a few minutes. And I just tried not to get hit too many times under the tree. I'll be honest, I was essentially soaked through to the skin by this point anyway... but when the rain slacked off a little bit I made a dash for the verandah over the back of the hospital across the street.

Would have been fine if the verandah wasn't made of that corrugated plastic and essentially full of holes. I did find one spot that was relatively dry though and hung out for a while longer while listening to the hail bang on the roof.

Finally there was a break in the clouds, so I just gave in and headed off. Fortunately the rain did start breaking up at that point, but when the sun came out it was a little bit of a "fuck you" from the universe. I was totally drenched at this point... so much so that I was able to wring the hem of my shirt out.

Anyway, I got home and everything was fine, no leaks, no broken windows (I was a little worried about the hail and my open kitchen window). So I peeled off my soaked clothes, had a shower and ordered a pizza because I couldn't be bothered doing a damn thing.

Ma was having her hair did this morning, so I was left to my own devices. I slept in a little, then went off to the supermarket and did my shopping.

I still managed to come home, unpack and do some reading before Ma got here. She'd finally taken my advice and got her hairdresser to put some pink streaks in her hair and the colour looked amazing.

We didn't really have anything we needed to do today and we definitely wanted to avoid the city given that today was the Christmas Pageant, so we just ended up heading down to Kmart for a bit of a poke around. And then we called into Big W on the way back to my place. Technically an unfruitful day, but it was fine.

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