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Let's go with the shortened version of this, shall we...

Sunday was quiet, I made the best pea and ham soup I've made thus far. It seems the secret is lots of other vegetables for thickness, taking some of the broth our when you're clearly making too much and spinach for that deep green colour. Plus I bought a big chunk of ham at the supermarket and put that in along with the chorizo... so much porkly goodness.

Monday was a public holiday, so I was aiming to settle down for a big fat day of doing exactly nothing. I mostly achieved that, but the fact that the roof starting leaking again and actually got worse, starting to leak nearer to the powerpoint wasn't exactly how I wanted the day to go. So I shoved more towels in place, moved the table in that corner and switched off the electricity. It did mean that I was constantly freaking out every time it started to rain again, and couldn't completely relax the whole day.

Given that I couldn't turn the TV on (well, I could have used an extension cord, but I couldn't be bothered), I ended up watching the entire latest season of So You Think You Can Dance. Well, I say the whole thing, but given that it was "The Next Generation" starring kids between 8 and 14 (which I wasn't really in favour of, I mean the cringe potential is way too high), I skipped all the auditions and ended up skipping almost all the judging comments. But I was still watching it from around 2pm until about 10pm or so. And I cried like a little baby in more numbers than I have in the entire history of the previous 12 seasons. All thanks to JT and Robert who did the most amazing things all season.

I also totally forgot that it was Daylight Savings until around noon... not really surprising since I'd been doing things on my phone and laptop all morning, and those were showing the correct time, and I'd never reset the microwave or the oven clocks after last week's blackout, so it was only when I saw the bedroom clock I realised.

Since I'd already logged the issue with the ceiling leak with my agent but hadn't heard anything, I called them Tuesday just to see what was what, and actually got to speak to someone who seemed to actually know something. In any event, there's a plumber coming out to look at the roof on Monday (although, I know plumbers know about water and stuff... but you would think they'd send a roofer...).

Thursday was Haircut Night... which was also pretty standard... except the colour that Tink originally picked out for my hair was way too dark, so we ended up going over the whole thing with a lighter colour, so it's closer to what I was looking for.

Work has been reasonably okay this week... most of the days went pretty quickly, Friday was kind of quiet, but also frustrating... which put me in a fairly grumpy mood by the end of the day.

Today Ma was getting her hair did, so I went to the supermarket by myself... I was intending to make something other than soup for lunch this week, because while I really did love the pea and ham soup, since the weather had turned a lot more summery than it has been, I was kind of tired of soup by the end of the week.

But my brain was all fuzzy this morning and I really couldn't come up with a workable alternative... so I'm making chicken soup again.

It didn't take me all that long to do my shopping, and I got back, put it all away and was just tidying the place up when Ma got here.

Ma wanted to see what was going on at Flinders Street Market... to which the answer was "not much". There still seem to be some stalls there, but the actual markets themselves are closed until they find a new venue. Which is weird and interesting... and begs the question, if the actual markets are closed, where are those few stalls coming from?

But after that we went to IKEA. Mostly because they launched their Christmas range, and it's always interesting to at least poke around that and see what's what. I also wanted some more candles, just to have on hand in case of a future black out. Granted, the likelihood of that is probably kinda small.

We didn't grab that much stuff, just a few other odds and ends, because while neither of us really needed anything, it's almost impossible to walk through IKEA without coming away with something.

And that was mostly it... we called off at Tony and Mark's up the road to find something for lunch... it's actually kind of a kick ass place... especially if I was after something a little bit fancy.

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