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This week I tried to adult my lunch, realised that the Universe was throwing bricks at me because it didn't know I was ignoring it and had two art shows to attend on the same day.

Starting from the top... my attempt to make "grown up" lunches (yeah, I know, making soup counts, but this was more complicated and involved multiple items instead of just shoving everything into one pot) as both successful (I made all the items, everything tasted good and lasted the week nicely) and less so (roast potatoes aren't that great reheated in the microwave and I should have undercooked the beans, and I kind of got bored by the end of the week). Will I return to that as an option... not really sure, if I do it will involve boiled/steamed potatoes and I'll probably coat the chicken in something a little more interesting.

And there was a lot more washing up for that style of lunch than there is for making a big pot of soup.

The rest of the week was fairly standard... by the middle of the week work had slowed down somewhat to pre-insanity levels. I did seem to suffer more this week from what is either this ongoing bout of hayfever or else some sort of end of Spring cold... but in either case I wish it would fuck right off and let me return to normal.

Then Friday I had two different art exhibitions to go to... the first at Peanut Gallery and the second a temporary Espionage show.

I did do some wandering around after I left work before the first show started, picked up some Assassins Creed pins at Zing and books from Greenlight and Dymocks, just for funzies.

When I got to Peanut I had a chat with the owner who recognised me from the Espionage days (not really a surprise), and after a circuit of the room I had that "hey, you there, you must buy me now" feeling that I haven't previously had since the says of Espionage. So I bought a piece. Just the one, and I think I know where I'm going to put it so that it's at least out on display.

I didn't hang around all that long, the gallery is quite small and fills up easily, so once that happened I headed off for the Espionage show.

Josh always outdoes himself with his shows and this was no exception. The show was themed around the Netflix show Stranger Things, and took place in a half finished basement of a building that was pretty much derelict not that long ago but is being refitted. And due to not being able to attach things to the walls, Josh had rented some wire fencing and used that for the artwork instead.

Plus he'd replicated the alphabet lights as well as putting together a complete replica of the Castle Byers cubbyhouse inside the lightwell/atrium. And of course, he'd costumed up as an employee of Hawkins Power and Lights, complete with lab coat.

I'll fully admit, while I absolutely give the show all the possible points and kudos for it's replication of the 80's era from the hair to the actors themselves to the clothes and the music... and all of the actors involved did an amazing job, especially the kids... the show just never grabbed me. My overall impression is that they took 8 hours to make a great 2 and a half hour movie. There's plot lines that go nowhere, unimportant back stories, repetition of ideas that are understandable the first time around. It failed to grab me within the first two episodes and never really made me enthusiastic about going back. Yes, the second half of the show is better than the first half... yes, I did watch the last three, maybe four back to back, but there were at least a week or more after the first couple of episodes before I could be bothered going back again.

Granted that may be happening with me and TV shows generally at the moment... I started Mr Robot, watched a couple, then a couple more... then I got half way through the season and have just gone m'eh. I mean I'll probably finish it eventually, but it's not making me mainline it like shows have done in the past.

Anyway, back to the exhibition... I wandered around for a while, spoke with Josh for a while, then one of the guys from work showed up and I chatted with him for a bit, then ran into a few other people I knew from the Espionage days. There were a lot of people at the show, and the point came where I'd seen all the art, spoken to everyone I wanted to speak to, and I was just tired and ready to head home.

But first I swung through the Central Market to get some dinner before trudging my way home. And I do mean trudge, since I haven't worn those shoes in about a year if not longer and they were 100% killing my feet.

And it wasn't that long after I got home before I crashed out and went to bed.

This morning I got up, sorted some stuff out and got ready, then when Ma arrived we headed off to the supermarket.

Given that the weather can't make it's damn mind up of late I'm going back to soup again this week... and I'm going to try a roasted tomato (actually the recipe I found is roasted tomato and bread from Jamie Oliver, so I'll see what happens there) soup.

After shopping we came back here, did the usual unpacking and whatnot, then headed out to Target to start with. The shorthand version is I picked up the last couple of Disney movies I didn't get last time... and now I have 22 Disney titles. Although the majority of it is from the Disney Renaissance onwards.

Then we headed into the city to visit Josh's Stranger Things exhibition so Ma could see it. And we got to catch up with Josh a little more than I did on Friday night, so that was nice.

From there we moved the car down to the other end of the city and headed off to run some errands. We stopped off for some sushi for lunch, then finished up our wandering and headed back to the car. Ma had forgotten something when we were at Target in the morning and they didn't have any in the city, so we ended up heading over to the one on South Road.

Then it was back to my place to kill some time before we headed off to see another play from the Unseen Theatre Company at the Bakehouse Theatre. We went off and had dinner at Fasta Pasta, then off to the play.

So a long day and a tiring one since I was still kind of knackered from all the walking the evening before, but a good one.

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