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So, in new and exciting fun news, my apartment block is under siege by a swarm of (admittedly very calm) bees. I don't know why, but there were a few buzzing around first thing this morning (I actually thought there was just the one, even after I got rid of it)... and given that I don't have a flyscreen on either my kitchen window or bathroom window, I kept finding them in the house.

Then we came back here after they were everywhere... it got to the point where I had to shut both of the windows... and yet somehow I still kept finding them inside. Not fucking clue what the hell that was about. They've gone quiet now that the sun has set, and maybe they'll be quieter tomorrow when the temperature drops, but I'll definitely be reporting it to the agent on Monday.

Anyway, rewinding...

I made a really good soup this week... chicken and vegetable using half normal stock and half Asian flavoured stock... and then I threw in some bow tie pasta. It turned out to be really tasty from the Asian stock, but not aggressively so.

This week generally was hard work. For some reason I just can't get my shit together as far as getting out of bed is concerned. Which means that a lot of my breakfasts have been me buying something in the city and/or me missing my regular bus. I know a couple of times it's been because I didn't go to bed until late, so woke up later than usual... but even on the days I woke up early, I still couldn't get my ass into gear.

And work was all kinds of nuts... we had far too many jobs come through that all had Friday, or this coming Monday, as the due date... and on top of that I ended up with several jobs that ended up much more complex than they should have, as well as dragging me into related issues.

So I was very glad that we had plans to go to the pub on Friday.

It wasn't a really late night and I didn't get really, really drunk... but it was good to see a number of our former colleagues.

I think I left the pub around 8:30 or so, but didn't get home until just after 10... but it wasn't like I was breaking any land speed records, and I did stop to get a pie on the way.

When I got home I pretty much just gave up and went to bed... after unfortunately not drinking enough water... and not realising that I'd put my glasses on the bed before getting into it and bending one of the arms. Dammit.

This morning was a little difficult... partly because I check on something I did on Friday that was supposed to go live overnight, but turned out not to work properly... so I had to get up at 6:30am and fix it so that it worked properly. And then there was the interaction with the bees, and I poked around on the laptop for a bit before getting ready.

When Ma arrived we headed out to the supermarket... I'm planning on doing something a little more stew-like this week. I know that the last time I tried to make a soup with beef in it it took about 100 times as long, I'll just have to start this one earlier.

Given that I'd slightly borked my glasses, we needed to head into the city... so that's what we did.

The nice girl at OPSM fixed my glasses and gave them a clean for me, so that was nice. Then we pretty much wandered around looking for some potential Christmas present ideas... and stopped off at the new Peanut Gallery to take a look at both the space and the exhibition. There were a lot of names I recognised from my Espionage days... but there wasn't anything that I really wanted to take home (not that I need anything, since pretty much my whole art collection is still in boxes).

We stopped off for something to drink at Two-Bit Villains... which is quite nice, if a little too vegetarian for my ongoing tastes (their soda is good though).

And after a bunch more wandering and some random purchases, we called it a day... then came back here to find the bee jamboree.

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