photo saturday: sailboats

blue celetebobbing around

red hullon the water

bridge boatslavendar dingy... the place, not the colour
There's not really a lot of news this week... so let's try and wrap this up in reasonably short order...

Last week's Mulligatawny soup went pretty well, even though I managed to fuck up the amount of lentils that were supposed to be in it, so I pretty much ended up with a much thinner soup than I think I was supposed to have. I think maybe next time I'll double everything except for the spices... don't get me wrong, it's amazing, but it is so damn spicy that by the end of the week I was a little bit over it.

I honestly can't think of anything noteworthy that happened during the week... work was work... I was hoping Friday was going to be fairly quiet since Plaid wasn't around... and it was, for the first couple of hours, and then all the crazy just dropped out of the woodwork.

So I was very glad to walk out of work and then go and do a little wandering and a little shopping in the Mall. Essentially I had to pick something up from Zing and could have just gone straight home from there, but it always feels like a bit of a waste to just do that and not wander around, especially since I no longer have the option of a wander any night of the week (well, I do, but it means going completely the opposite direction from where I'm going).

I hit Zing, I picked up the next couple of books in the series I'm reading at the moment and I grabbed another hair product pack (so much cheaper than buying some individually!), had a poke around a couple of other places and then headed home.

And that was pretty much my week.

Today consisted mostly of the usual arrangement with minor variations.

I had a severe case of apathy during the week, so I needed to do a little housework before Ma arrived... not everything got done, but enough.

I didn't get that much stuff from the supermarket, but the makings for what may be a weird little Frankenstein soup... I'm leaning towards something mushroom, but I don't have a recipe and I'm basically winging it. We'll see how it works out. I just wanted something a lot simpler this time.

We came back here, did the usual unpacking and then headed off to the city. Ma needed some birthday presents and cards, so off we went.

Normally what may have happened is that we would have gone to one place, seen something reasonable, then gone to every other possible store before deciding that the thing we saw in the first store was actually the best thing on offer. I also managed to find something for Owlgirl for Christmas, so that's that already sorted, and we're not even in double digit months yet. And after learning my lesson back in June about the best place to buy greeting cards, we went straight to David Jones and off Ma went... granted I had to steer her back in a more interesting direction when I remembered that one of the cards was for Miss Oh.

Sidebar... I had a little bit of a "WTF" moment when Ma mentioned that Miss Oh is turning 18... what the actual fuckery. I mean I know time passes and everything, but holy fuckballs, when did that happen.

Anyway, we did that, poked around a couple of other places and then pretty much called it quits.

And that's pretty much it...

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