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looking at things saturday
Today was fairly straightforward...

Thankfully, because I'd done some tidying up both last night and on Thursday night, I really didn't have to do anything this morning beyond getting up and having a shower.

Ma and I then trundled off to the shops after she turned up, and did one of those lighter weight shopping sessions. I also discovered that Foodland appears to not stock frozen carrots... specifically frozen baby carrots, but I couldn't actually find any kind of frozen carrot. Very strange.

We also headed across the road so I could look for a replacement non-stick pot... it's essentially the exactly the same as the one I had, but the updated version given that the old one was six years old.

Then, after we came back here for the usual unpacking and given that I'd bought a whole stack of cans of corn given that it was on extreme special, I sat on my kitchen floor and organised the cans and things in my cupboard. Very therapeutic... plus now I know that I have about eleventhy thousand cans of tomatoes.

Yes, my life is actually this exciting... shocking, I know.

From there we headed out to Arndale for a general poke around... mostly in Big W as I needed a replacement gas cylinder for my Sodastream. Given that they also have their big toy sale on I discovered that they had Assassin's Creed: Unity for less than I've seen it anywhere else... so that's another Christmas present sorted.

We did some other general wandering and then actually went back to the car and were on our way we knew not where when I suggested that we go and see the Minions movie... given that school holidays are just around the corner it likely that while it will still be on Tuesday week, it'll probably only be on in the daytime, since we've had that happen to us before.

So we turned the car around, parked again and after stopping off for a tasty pie, we headed off to the movies.

And that was it really.

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