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As an indication of exactly what this week was like, I detoured on my way home after work to visit the bottleshop and get my preferred libation, a six pack of Strongbow. And once I got home, I pretty much opened one right away.

So, yes, this week has in fact sucked balls.

Weirdly, although we've been incredibly busy, and it's been incredibly stressful, but my team has had a number of warm fuzzies from different groups.

Which is useful given how annoyed I've been at various points this week.

Beyond that the week was fairly quiet... the mushroom and bacon soup I made last weekend, after spending the whole morning wandering around tidying things up and getting things in the right place, was incredibly successful... sadly if I make it again I might need to increase the proportions by a third, given that it only gave me enough soup for three days and not four. Also I seemed to have managed to fucked up the non-stick coating on the base of the non-stick pot I actually bought six years ago this week using the stick mixer I bought a couple of weeks ago.

Thankfully, if memory serves, the pot itself wasn't very expensive... however if I'm not able to replace it with something remarkably similar I'll be a little sad. And I'll probably keep on using it I can't use it any more.

I'm slightly undecided about which soup to make for next week. I need to have a look through the bunch of recipes I have stuck to the side of the fridge, but there is a carrot (and weirdly, honey) soup recipe that sounds pretty interesting.

So, yeah, that's really I have at this point... now I need to go and make some dinner before So You Think You Can Dance starts.

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