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So, this week was... what the fuck even was this week?

Okay, the main dot points...

Monday's game of DnD was the first time in eight weeks that one of my players hasn't shown up. I mean a bunch of the others have been there or not there, but the guy I started running for in the beginning. Hopefully he's back next week.

Wednesday we were back in the land of vampires and gothic horror, and the only thing we fought other than a swarm of rats was each other. Because my dwarf wizardess doesn't take no shit from no snooty elf noble.

Thursday we were still a player down for our hardcover game, so I ran instead. It wasn't a bad game, although I let the penultimate encounter get way out of hand and as such we didn't have a ton of time for the final encounter.

What else...

Oh, just because I want to record it for posterity, I got laid in the most spectacular fashion at 3am Wednesday morning. It wasn't quite The Best Sex of My Life, but it was close, and quite similar, and worth the wait since I've been talking to this guy about once a year since 2015. Yeah, I know, and it's never going to be much of anything because he's a straight boy who has sex with guys on the side, but it was damn good.

Let's see if it actually happens again... the other issue is that his schedule is almost the exact opposite of mine, so it's hard to connect... plus he's pretty deep on the down low.

He is sexy as fuck tho. And I want a repeat performance. Even if 3am is super inconvenient.

Anyway... unsurprisingly, that made me super mentally horny the whole week... which was great given that I started to come down with a cold or something until I dosed myself up with cold and flu medicine.

Moving on.

Otherwise the week was a week. No soup again, which led to at least a couple of very lackluster meals, but I'll live.

The shopping was, average. I'm planning on making some version of tuna mornay this week, so that'll be easy across the rest of the week.

Once the shopping was done, we faffed around for a bit, trying to work out what to do with the day, and ended up doing what I like to call the Cross Road Run... where we check out Big W, Target and if we're feeling daring, Kmart on Anzac Highway.

Not that we really needed or wanted a hell of a lot, but we did find a few things.

And then we made the mistake of stopping at Cibo for their "secret menu Italian hot chocolate"... I can tell you why it's on the secret menu... it's because it's actually thick custard that has been heated up. I know because I've done the exact same thing to thick chocolate custard and it tastes, feels and behaves exactly like that.

Once I readjusted my brain to the fact that is was warm chocolate custard, it was great... but as "Italian hot chocolate" is was a big fat fail.

And that was about it really...

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