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Okay, so this week was... a week.

Who am I even kidding, my weeks are, at this point, predominantly interchangeable. But some interesting, in the loosest possibly definition of the word, things came up.

Firstly, it appears that I am currently running the third season of DnD modules from start to finish... or at least all the Tier 1 stuff. I had no intention of it happening, it just kind of happened, like all things, because of a handsome man. And I may have picked up four other players, and five is generally a good number if we can keep it to five for the most part. I mean, I'll keep running stuff until Handsome Canadian Man either stops coming or changes characters. And we'll see what happens this week, because I killed his character last week. That's two different characters in two weeks, and both times because of animals. So I need to have a backup plan for what happens in that scenario next time (which I think I have a rough idea about already).

Then Wednesday I got to play, which was good, because it'd been almost two weeks at that point. However, we should actually have all died, which would mean that that character died twice in the last two games I played him in. Fortunately the DM took pity on us I think (potentially because we had a first time player with us) and had us be rescued by a Lizard on a Stick merchant we'd interacted with earlier in the story.

Thursdays are a little weird right now... we're doing the game off site as I think I mentioned for the last couple of weeks, and we're doing a hard cover book as well, which is a very different animal... and half of our players had to leave in the middle of the game to go and pick up food that should have been delivered by Urghber Eats, but somebody fucked up the address, so that was just weird.

Also, on a slightly related note... I have been having some very, very weird and fucked up conversations with a couple of the boys I play DnD with. By weird and fucked up, I mostly mean that they have an odd sexual element, not in an anyone hitting on anyone way, just sexual in nature. Trust me, I'm not complaining, it's just odd. Even though the more recent conversation is one of those where there really doesn't appear to be any kind of a filter in what we're saying... or possibly just me, because my filter just doesn't seem to work with him. Mostly when we're texting, but even in person a little bit. He's that kind of guy.

Again, I'm not hating it, I'm just not used to having so little filter. Is this what people do in the world? I really have no idea.

It's very possibly I just need to get laid in an effective and satisfying way. And I will say that these conversations with my boys are not making that need any less prevalent. Neither is the fact I'm having conversations with a number of other people who should, in theory, be able to assist with the issue, but are being... I'm going to go with temperamental. Or, conversely, I shouldn't be talking to in the first place.

Now what did I say about my filter being on the fritz? Yeah, that.

This week was also Ma's birthday and Owlgirl's birthday, since one comes directly after the other.

Have I mentioned at any point that I regularly have no fucking idea what the date is? Yeah, that happened this week and while I remembered that it was Ma's birthday, I didn't remember until about 11:30am.

And I'm broke and she didn't really want anything, so, yeah...

However, that brings us around to today.

Oh, before I get to that, I very successfully made chowder (CHOW-DAH) for the first time this week, using this recipe. Although interestingly enough I didn't use as much milk as the recipe called for. Also it would have potentially been nice with some cream. But it was pretty fucking impressive.

This week I really had no damn ideas, so I'm just going simple, with basically vegetable soup. M'eh, it's fine.

Anyway, we did the supermarket thing, as we do. And came back her, as we do. And then decided to head into the city, as we do.

waterhouse natural science art prize 2018
The main reason for the city trip was to check out the Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize, since we never had the opportunity to go to the one last year (for obvious reasons)... It wasn't a bad one... there were a few really nice pieces (some of my favourites of which are featured on the right), but nothing that really made either of us stand there and go "wow".

But it was a good way to spend a hour or so.

Then we did a bit of a wander down the Mall... nothing terribly exciting once again, but it wasn't bad either.

Ma wanted to head back to Empress near my place for her birthday dinner, and since we went there for my birthday dinner (technically we went to a much shittier place on my actual birthday, but I'm counting Empress as my birthday dinner because it was good), I wasn't going to complain.

The only potential issue was that they do Yum Cha on weekends, and I thought we might have had trouble actually getting a table.

Turned out, not so much, after a very, very long pause while the woman who greeted us did a bunch of calculations in her head (insert meme image of woman with formulas here), she gave us a table straight away.

This was also the first Yum Cha place we've been to where it was a combination of what I always thought Yum Cha was, staff moving around the restaurant with dishes you could just choose, and what it's been ever other time, which is picking from a menu of small dishes. And I don't hate the wandering around aspect... although if we'd really realised, then we may have ordered less things.

Also, the wandering boys need to learn to enunciate... or have a sign, or something. Especially when you think you're getting something involving plantain and it turns out to be spring onion.

The food is delicious though, so that's the main thing.

That was pretty much our day though. Shopping, art, food. Not a bad way to spend it to be honest.

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