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Words, words, words.

I feel like they've been used well this week... and badly... and sometimes not at all.

People are weird, right... it's not just me being me is it? People are just weird. And I don't always mean that in the negative sense... I'm pretty weird at the best of times, and all the good people tend to be a particular kind of weird. But people are weird.

Can you tell I'm having an introspective five minutes? Not necessarily a deep one, but yeah, I'm a little in my head right now.


Let's see what happened this week... although it's nothing too stunning to be honest...

  • The usual amount of DnD... although I did actually level two different characters up from Tier 1 to Tier 2 this week, so that's something. And a roleplaying thing happened on Thursday that will have repercussions for that group, I just need to work out how my character will react... to a couple of different things actually.
  • Friday was Haircut Day... I'm still not completely comfortable driving up into the hills, and stupidly I took a wrong turn this time, whereas the first time I had no problems... it was also a little calmer this time as it was only Tink's youngest this time, not the pair of them. The haircut itself was same old same old, because of course it was.
  • I got Ma's calendar bound, complete with the calendar cut out and hanger... although I did have a false start because when I took it into the little Officeworks in the city they didn't have any idea what I was talking about. Fortunately the one down the road from me got it done.
  • The weather in general and hayfever in particular can kiss my ass. You gotta love a snuffly nose and itchy eyes when it's around 34°C. Actually today wasn't completely foul, well, yes it was, but at least it was heavily overcast and 33°C, somewhat better, but it's the general humidity that's really less fun.
  • It is 6 weeks until Christmas. Panic accordingly.
Today was... how many different ways are there to say "average"...
Mediocre, moderate, ordinary, regular, common, commonplace, familiar, humdrum, mainstream, middling, standard.
So quite a few actually.

Today was middling.

We did the usual shopping thing, bought somewhat more than usual, but seemingly less actual things. I think I bought too much cheese.

And the only decent checkout girl was actually back on a checkout, which was fantastic.

From there it was all Christmas related whatever. Well, almost all. We started with a trip to Big W, which was perhaps less fruitful... and then went down the road to Kmart, which was fruitful. Nothing exciting, just those little "oh, we need another little something for BLANK", or whatever. So that sorted a few little bits of things out.

And then we stopped off at Haighs on the way back to my place... which was a little more intense to be honest.

But that's about it really.

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