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This week was definitely full of things that happened... whether those things were actually interesting or not is a matter of opinion.

These things included but were not limited to there being a hailstorm come through at about 4:30 in the morning and wake me up due to how loud it was. Yes, a hailstorm, in October... with accompanying wintery weather, as much as I don't like the summer heat, this was a bit much, even for me.

Also, Halloween, which I treated in the usual fashion and ignored entirely. I didn't even bother watching Hocus Pocus which I've done the past couple of years, to be honest I totally forgot about it.

And I DM'd my first DnD game.

Yeah, that last one was totally unplanned... but it turned out that we didn't have anyone willing to DM on our table on Thursday, and I did have a module with me that I'd read through at least twice (several weeks ago). So I DM'd.

It wasn't half bad... although I'll have to ask the players next week if they thought the combat was too easy... it just seemed to all go very quick and I didn't really get to do a ton of stuff with the bad guys. Plus I only managed to knock one character unconscious. I could definitely do better though, I kind of fluffed through what should have been some roleplay stuff and jumped straight into the combat, which does kind of happen, but I feel like it should have gone a slightly different way.

Also, I definitely need to print the next adventure in a different way so that I don't loose all of the monster stats (which I did, more than once).

But it was my first time.

It was also good that I got to do it with people I feel comfortable with and know how to push some of their buttons occasionally. And it just felt a lot more chill, so that was good.

Do I want to do it regularly... no, probably not. But I will definitely do it again... eventually.

I also printed Ma's calendar.

ma's calendar 2018
As I think I mentioned last week, it's not especially innovative but it did come out fairly well, even though I totally forgot how the hell to make my printer print full page until after I'd printed the cover. It doesn't look too bad though, so all I have to do now is get it bound... which I may to on Wednesday after DnD, just because it will save me a trip.

It's definitely not my best effort, but it's not bad.

Today we really knuckled down to knock off some more Christmas shopping. And yes, I know it's barely November but the shops (and the city) are already putting up their Christmas decorations, and Christmas products have been available in the shops since the end of September. Thankfully there isn't really a lot we need to get, so we made some definite in-roads.

Rolling backwards a little, we did the supermarket thing this morning... where both of us proclaimed that we "didn't need a lot"... and then proceeded to buy what certainly seemed like a lot of stuff, although I think it was really only the usual amount to be honest.

We decided to head down to Marion (theoretically for the last time before Christmas, because it gets more than a bit nuts), do a little shopping and then take in a movie.

Which we did... and we also managed to knock all but a couple of ill-defined things off Ma's list too. So a successful trip all up.

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