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I'll admit I'm a little exhausted. It has definitely been a draining week, although not necessarily a bad one.

As I said to Tink towards the end of the week, all the trauma this week is psychological.

But rewind first. My "let's make this up out of your head" version of minestrone soup was pretty much a total success. It did end up thicker than I was intending, but that always happens with soups that have a lot of stuff in them.

The major thing that happened this week was the big move at work. Since we lost half of our team, the wider team was coming down to take over those spaces. Now I think that eventually this will be a good thing... allow us to know what's going on, influence things where we can, that kind of thing.

But at the moment, it just feels like... well, like an invasion.

I was a little annoyed that while movers were coming in and moving everybody else around, our group had to move our own shit the day before... yeah, because we clearly don't count. Yeah, yeah, I get that it's because we only have to move within the one floor, but still... it didn't help to alleviate the feeling of both invasion and being disregarded as, well, people to be honest.

I don't especially mind my new spot, but it's much further away from the door, which kind of sucks, and we're all spread out in a line, so it's harder to have conversations.

The actual move was on Wednesday, so the whole place was chaos the entire day. And because we'd all already moved, and for the most part already unpacked, it was another disconnect between the two groups. I did go through and clear out my drawers though... I'd been collecting shit in there for a while now, so it was good to really give it a good solid sorting. And now I have a pinboard on the wall by my desk, so I made good use of that and stuck all the things I'd previously had blutakked to the wall up.

But more than anything else it just felt like we were being invaded. Or like our territory was being encroached on by a rival group (yeah, I know, it's pretty much the same thing). But we went from our numbering the other part of the wider team by at least an extra third to being a tiny group splayed along the back wall.

Can you tell that I really, really hate change.

A clear indication of how radically things have changed was when an "office warming" was organised for Friday afternoon. Now I don't want to blow our own horn, but we did do fantastic morning or afternoon teas... or just social events in general. But this just felt forced and uncomfortable and fortunately it was already after 4pm when it started, so I didn't feel the least bit awkward about scrambling out of there after about five minutes.

I do wonder if part of the problem is that we no longer really know about half of the people in the wider group. Sure I've dealt with some of them over the phone, and the other half are people I remember from before (or people who did actually come and visit us), but the number of people in our office that I don't really care about has shot up dramatically.

The other major upheaval (well, it's not necessarily major yet, but it has potential to be) this week was discovering that my employment agency had been placed in the hands of administrators. At the moment that means that I'm being paid as normal, but who knows how long that's going to continue.

So yeah, there wasn't a whole hell of a lot of that part of the week that didn't suck.

In other news, as indicated by my reference of Tink earlier, this week was Haircut Night. Nothing much else to report other than that really... I went, Tink cut my hair and coloured it, we chatted, I came home.

Today wasn't high on the list of excitement either.

The apartment was a bit of a trainwreck this morning, so I tidied up and ran all the dirty dishes though the sink so at least all I have to do now is put them away.

We did the usual supermarket thing... I'm planning to make chicken soup tomorrow. I still haven't totally committed to a recipe, so I'll be making it up a little bit.

After we got back and unpacked, we didn't have any plans, so we ended up heading down to Target for a wander. I found a nice scarf, but they didn't have anything else interesting. We stopped off at Big W on the way back, mostly because they usually have a sausage sizzle outside... but they didn't... so we just wandered around and called it a day.

When we came back here, we decided to head down the road to Bracegirdles for some chocolate goodness. They also have mostly breakfast foods, and the odd sandwich, so we had omelettes, which were perfectly serviceable, if a little dull.

I'd say that things can only improve, but I feel like that would just be tempting the universe.

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