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First things first... it was my eleventh bloggiversary this week. Yep... eleven years of the stream of consciousness from my fingers to your eyeballs. Scary, huh. And as anyone who's been paying attention will have noticed, the blog, she has pretty much dried up to about a once a week thing.

I'm not planning on shutting things down any time soon, but other than the explosion that is Fringe time when reviews are flying thick and fast across the blog, a once a week thing is about all I'm really up for any more. It's also not like my life is so terribly exciting that I can't sum the whole thing up in a once a week wrap-up.

And yes, the fact that it's my eleventh bloggiversary is the reason why all the image above contain a single item, person or creature... two one's side by side... eleven. Yeah, I got nothing really.

It feels like the overall theme of this week should be "things that should have happened but didn't". Like, me acknowledging that it was my bloggiversary on Monday... I knew it was coming, but somehow I thought it was Tuesday. Other things will become apparent as we go.

Sunday I made some version of potato, leek and bacon soup. Was it the best version I've ever made. No, not it was not. But it was edible, so that's the main thing.

Work was actually a little slow this week... things will return to the regularly scheduled insanity next week, but for now, I took the opportunity to just go a little slower on a lot of things.

Thursday was supposed to be a half day at work followed by my final tattoo session. However they called me first thing on Thursday morning to tell me that my artist had come down with "the lurgy" and had to cancel. Well shit... and after I drove into work and everything.

Friday the handyman was supposed to come and fix the toilet and the extractor fan in the kitchen. I got home Friday night and he'd definitely been here, but pretty sure he just poked around because he didn't actually fix anything. At least he showed up this time. And the fact that he was coming made me do all my necessary housework on Thursday night.

There really isn't anything else to report for the week portion of my week.

Today was fairly standard... got up, got ready, went shopping, came back unpacked.

I'm planning on making the pea soup again this week... which is fairly quick and simple if memory serves, and given that the main ingredient is frozen peas, I didn't end up buying all that much at the supermarket.

Once we were done with that portion of the morning we headed into the city to do some general wandering... I ended up spending a little money at Zing on Pop vinyl toys, then we headed down the other end of the Mall and I bought some new black jeans for work.

Not terribly exciting, but I did need the jeans, and hopefully they won't look quite so much like jeans.

We headed to Burger Theory for some lunch and had the fairly unusual burger of the month, the Meat and Three Veg... which, as it says on the label, had the patty and then three different kinds of vegetables... carrots glazed with some honey... cauliflower puree... and then grilled broccoli.  Don't get me wrong, it was interesting... and I'm pretty sure both the carrots and the cauliflower imparted some great flavour... and I like broccoli. It was just... not going to make it into my top ten list of burger of the month.

Then on the way back here we called into Haighs to see what they had going on at the factory shop. I'll just say that I need to make what I bought last for a while.

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