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This week has been much calmer on a number of fronts... which is about damn time.

I put together my tomato and potato soup last Sunday. I made the mistake of using a jar of flavoured tomatoes, rather than just a jar of pure tomato puree, and so it was a little too "pasta sauce" flavoured than I might otherwise have wanted. And I intentionally made it really, really thick, which wasn't a problem but it did make for just really thick soup.

Monday started with no breakfast and a trip to the doctor for yet another blood test. Turns out the previous two tests were all good, but he wanted to test for something else as well. Supposedly he was going to contact me when the results came back (he did the last two times) but as of Friday I hadn't heard from him. I should probably care a little more than I currently do, however I'm happy with the land of not knowing right now.

The rest of the week was get up, go to work, walk home, lose pretty much the entire evening to making dinner and Buzzfeed videos (I have a problem... although not always specifically Buzzfeed related). Sleep again then rinse and repeat.

I also ended up working back each night from Wednesday onwards. Not always very much... but there was stuff that needed to be done and I was the only one there to do it, so I just got on with it. Fortunately I did have an offsider every day except Thursday this week as well... not Newbie, the part-timer came in extra days and saved my proverbial bacon, letting me concentrate on other things.

Working back Friday then led me to going to the pub even though I wasn't planning to. It was the going away for someone I really don't have a relationship with, so I was like "yeah, nah"... but then Owlgirl and one of the other girls were all "well you're still here, might as well".

I summed it up best on Twitter last night in the following fashion...

"Come for one drink," they said. "We don't really want to stick around, so we're just having one drink then we're going," they said. And then it was 8:30 and I'd had six ciders (I only paid for one though... well, technically I bought one round for three people, but I only bought myself a single drink).

It was a weird and interesting evening... mostly Owlgirl, the other girl and I sat off to one side from everyone else, although other people did kind of drift in our general direction on a fairly regular basis. I also feel like that filter in my brain that stops me saying certain things, which doesn't work that well at the best of times, really, really stopped working at all last night fairly early on in the night.

As I've said to people at various times recently... I opened the "fuck drawer", it is empty, I have absolutely no fucks to give at the present time.

I'm pretty sure I didn't say anything totally heinous... there was one comment I made at one point that might be a little too close to the line/the truth, but otherwise, while some of it wasn't necessarily totally "work appropriate", we weren't actually at work, so fuck it.

And we have another trip to the pub next Thursday night to "celebrate" when ten different staff members all leave us. Yeah, ten. I had to write out messages for ten different cards on Friday morning at work... must have taken me about 40 minutes. And you could tell the people I really didn't either know very well or give a fuck about when I wrote "best of luck in the future" on those cards.

However on Owlgirl, TOG (the other girl previously mentioned), Herschel and Pixie I wrote a metric fuck-ton. So that'll be a thing next week.

Getting back to Friday thought, as always, when I was done (pretty much the time that Owlgirl abandoned me) I left the others to go off to some bar I'd never heard of and instead walked my drunk ass home.

On arriving home about an hour later, much sober than I started, I discovered the latest Chris McVeigh Lego camera kit that I'd ordered waiting for me. I can't resist his camera kits... I have four now... the Polaroid, the SLR, the original mini camera and this new, very cute and very tiny classic camera. So of course I couldn't wait, I had to put it together right then and there.

As always, it's perfect and adorable, but I was surprised that it was quite that tiny. I have a feeling that the length of the cord was the deciding factor there and everything got slotted in around that. But in any event I love it.

After that I wasted some time on YouTube and then took my tired and slightly inebriated ass to bed.

This morning was a little bit of a slow start, more so because it was fucking freezing than because of any after effects. In fact I hadn't drunk any water last night, all I had to eat was a few small slices of pizza and some Pringles once I got home, but I was otherwise unaffected. Yay!

I wasn't quite ready when Ma arrived, but we headed off to Norwood to the supermarket not long after. This week I'm going to try for a roasted parsnip and bacon/chorizo soup. I think it'll probably be very similar to potato soup, but we'll see.

waterhouse art prize 2016
After we'd finished and unpacked, we headed into the city to check out the Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize.

We skipped the one last year, and it seems like some time in the last two years they gave the gallery space a little bit of a spruce up with some new display cabinets and rearranged walls.

It looks pretty good I have to say.

The selection of entries was a little so-so... in fact I think that was why we skipped last year, we were a little over it by that stage. There were a few good pieces, all of which are in the image to the right.

After we'd done the circuit and picked out favourite piece (the copper tree at the top of the image... Abor Sole by Ulan Murray... and I think for the first time ever both Ma and I picked the same piece), we had a bit of a wander around in the city... not with any specific goals in mind, just a general wander.

And that was about it really...

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