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This week has been so incredibly up and down it's kind of ridiculous.

It started with a public holiday on Monday... so I never made soup on Sunday, in fact I didn't make soup at all, what I did instead was make two trays of lasagne. And it was pretty damn good given that I essentially made the recipe up out of my head, except for taking a brief look at the white sauce recipe on the pasta packet. And I actually ran out of lasagne noodles, so I mixed up the leftover red and white sauces together, mixed in some dry pasta, shoved it in the oven, crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.

And other than it being a little too much white and not enough red sauce, it worked pretty damn well.

Tuesday I had a chiro appointment after work, then Wednesday I made arrangements to get a blood test in the morning before work and go in for an ultrasound after work... all stemming from when I was sick last weekend and saw my doctor, and of course one thing which was perfectly explainable (at least by me, even if nobody else understands it) led to seemingly one thing and then another thing. I'm being a little vague, because honestly I have my suspicions about what my doctor is going to say to me when I go back on Monday morning, I'm just hoping I'm wrong. Not that being right would be the end of the world, it's just a pain in the butt.

Because I was having a day off I needed to do a whole lot of shit Tuesday and Wednesday at work... not helped by the fact that I only managed to do last Friday's work on Tuesday, but thankfully caught up by the time I left and given that my offsider is more off than side right now, I handed everything off to someone actually useful while I was away.

Thursday I had what I thought was going to be my final tattoo appointment... once again I got there at 9am, and we were done by about 1:30pm. I will say that it's looking amazing. We really do need one final session, just to wrap things up... finalise a few bits and pieces and just make sure it's all perfect. The studio wasn't as busy this time as it's been the last couple of times... there was only one other guy getting work done, and I, once again, outlasted him (but he was only getting initial linework done). In fact, I made it all the way through Road to Perdition and probably about three quarters of the way through Forrest Gump. I wasn't really paying attention to the movies though, I was listening to the new West Wing Weekly podcast and having the feels from memories of The West Wing.

I did have to ask if we could do part of it with me sitting up... I just couldn't lay in that same position any longer, and even though the sitting position wasn't perfect, it gave my back a change of scenery and meant that when I needed to lay back down it wasn't as bad.

The downside to the whole tattoo thing is that my arm currently hurts like fuck. Not all the time, but moving, stretching, bending, all these things hurt. I'm not sure if it hurts more than last time or if I just don't remember what it felt like last time... but if it is worse then it's because it was more around the edges this time, and every time it was part of my arm involving bone I wasn't having a fun time.

I also need to do a full post about this tattoo once it's done though... see how much I can unpack my reasoning and thought process. Or, you know, not.

Thursday night was Haircut Night... and in that Gwyneth Paltrow/Sliding Doors kind of universe, there's a timeline where I walked down the driveway to the carpark and not the path down the back of the building. In that timeline I didn't fail to see the step down along that path because there's not a ton of light back there, and didn't fall and bust up my knee. Sadly I live in this timeline where I did fail to see the step and did fall.

Yeah, clearly it was time for my irregularly scheduled "fall down go boom".

Otherwise my haircut was reasonably uneventful... we talked, Tink cut hair, we talked some more.

Friday was a little bit of a wrench to get my butt into gear and to work to be honest.

And with the accumulation of everything else that happened this week, I'll admit I was more than a little flat.

But I made it through the day, and when I got home I discovered that I was one of 20 winners of a complete set of Disney Pixar DVDs from Big W with limited edition portrait covers. Granted I already own all the Pixar movies on DVD, but I never win things, so it was nice to hear that I won anyway.

Oh, and I broke out my onesie for the first time so far this Winter... I just wanted something warm and comfortable, and that always fits the bill.

This morning I was kind of up and organised in enough time to do some additional stuff before Ma arrived. We headed back to the Norwood supermarket this week... neither of us were that bothered about the other one from last week and it didn't have a Bakers Delight. So back to the normal routine, at least for now.

This week I'm planning on inventing soup again... something in a tomato/potato fusion thing... with a fuckton of bacon.

After shopping and the usual unpacking and whatnot, we headed off to Marion to catch a movie and have a bit of a poke around.

It's weird, as the crow flies the distance between Arndale and Marion is pretty much the same, but given the fact that the city is between me and Arndale, it seems to make more sense just to go off to Marion to be honest.

After the movie we did a bit of shopping... now both Ma and I have been vaguely in the market for toasters for a while now... but I'm both fussy about design and cheap, so that has impacted on the types of toasters I like the look of... plus I have a fetish for red kitchen appliances. And I don't really have bread in the house on a regular basis. But Kmart had toasters for $7.50. Yeah, I know, I'm assuming it will be a piece of shit and last about fifteen minutes... but it'll do for now. Let's see if I actually use the thing first.

I also found a cheap bright green scarf at, of all places, the camping/hunting store... and it appeared to be a nice long one too, not hugely so, but long enough.

And that was about it really.

Not one of the finest weeks on record, but at the same time there was enough good tumbled in with the bad to pretty much just make the whole thing a decidedly mixed bag.

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