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So this week felt a little more... put together I guess, than last week.

We started off with what was definitely the last soup of the season, and very probably the last time I make that roasted tomato soup recipe... it's good, but it's just too rich.

Then DnD was fairly low-key over all, even though I could very easily have wiped out my whole party on Wednesday (and didn't by having one of the bad guys sit down on the unconscious body of one of the players while propping her feet on another body. They won out eventually though, but I did get to reduce the intelligence score of one of them to 0 for a brief period. Which was fun.

I also got to pay forward something another DM did to one of my characters by taking off his character's finger while he was flipping off the bad guy.

Also, the DM on Wednesday almost nearly wiped out the whole party when everybody but one person failed an important save at the end of the adventure. Fortunately we figured a way around it (with the use of a magic item), but it was touch and go for a hot second there.

Then Thursday we got back to our "regularly scheduled programming" and returned to our Underdark adventures. I always like those sessions becasue there is a LOT of roleplay... not just because of the nature of the story but very much about the way we play. And it's the first time we've all been back together where everything just worked properly. The DM and one of the players got into some deep roleplay, I managed to engage everyone else at various points, even if not for very long. And there wasn't a lot of fucking around, which I appreciate.

fork on the road: green apple bubble teafork on the road: fork tent
Otherwise I had my haircut on Thursday, which was pretty much the same as always, with the possible exception that we went a lot more silver with my hair... not perfectly or exactly the way that I thought it might look, but in the right neighbourhood.

Tink's older daughter was around, and I swear that she's currently 7 going on 13... or at least with the required amount of attitude for a 13 year old. Not that it overly bothered me, but I think Tink will be happy when school holidays are over.

Then Friday it was time to get the dressing on my finger changed again. I really cannot wait until I can type properly with all 10 fingers... this 9 finger typing is getting on my nerves.

But it was a quick in and out, the finger is looking much better, part of the "scab" already came off (although I have a strong suspicion that it was just scab that had formed over undamaged skin because of how the dressing was done), and they've downgraded the dressing again from the big plasticy kind to a small cloth dressing. Which is good and bad, because it's a little like I have a small pillow strapped to the end of my finger right now. And I have to be more careful about keeping it dry.

At least it's an improvement.

Afterwards I had a little wander around the city and ended up looking at various Christmas decorations... because, yes, we need to do the Christmas decoration thing in October... which was sarcasm by the way.

fork on the road: old school busfork on the road: samosa
Today I was on my own for the supermarket portion of the day... which meant it was headphones on and speedy shopping... I'm also pretty sure I didn't buy enough stuff to actually makes meals for the whole week, but we'll see what happens, I may have to improvise.

I had enough time before Ma arrived to put everything away, do some washing up and catch up on some other bits and pieces I needed to do.

We had (unsurprisingly, given the photos in this post) plans to head out to the Fork on the Road in Unley later in the day, but that gave us a bunch of time this morning, so we headed into the city so Ma could go and ask at the Apple Store about an issue with her phone, and then I could show her a bunch of stuff I spotted when I was in town on Sunday.

The Apple Store visit was remarkably simple, and to be honest, I think their suggestion was the right one, Ma has been using the same charging cord since we got the phones and changing to a new one is probably going to fix the issue.

Then there was some general wandering looking at various Christmas departments (because, yes, I am part of the problem)... looking at some stuff, not really buying much of anything to be honest.

That was followed up with a quick visit to Dymocks, but then we headed off to Fork.

fork on the road: honey puffsfork on the road: fork crowd
A very wise woman once said "timing is important"... and thus it was that while we could have tried to get a parking spot out on the street when we got to Orphanage Park in Millswood we tried our luck and managed to get a spot in the park with no trouble at all.

I will say that the Fork on the Road events aren't as exciting as they maybe used to be. Don't get me wrong, I still love that they happen and I love going when we do... but I just feel like they used to be... I dunno, more interesting. Or at least there was a wider range of stuff... I dunno.

But in this particular case the location was good, the range wasn't bad and the crowd wasn't bad.

We started off with a Boerewors Roll, a South African sausage in a bun basically. Not bad, but there's not many ways to screw up a sausage in a bun. Following that was Bubble Tea, because I always like Bubble Tea. I still wanted something a little savoury so ended up getting some samosas and naan from Beyond India, then finished it off with loukoumades from the Honey Puff Lad (which may have previously been the Honey Puff Ladies, I'm not entirely sure).

I'll be honest, I really should have gone with the smaller serve of loukoumades... too much of a good thing is still too much. I didn't even finish them all off while we were there, I brought some home with me.

So that was, as they say, that.

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