holiday... celebrate... etc

travelling manWoohoo, I'm officially on holiday. Technically I've been on holiday since I left work at 4pm... but I don't know that it will feel like I'm really truely on holiday until tomorrow morning.

Everything is 100% set for Melbourne...
  • Web check-in is done (although for some unknown reason all the seats on the plane were already allocated and I couldn't have moved us even if I'd wanted to, but its okay because we had good seats).
  • Car picking us up at the airport is arranged (and I've organised it so that the chauffeur will be holding up a sign with Princess T's name on it) and paid for.
  • Ma double double checked the hotel reservation earlier this week.
  • Checked the weather forecast for Melbourne (not great, but not terrible either).
  • There is clothing spread all over the bed, and covering the wardrobe doors waiting to be packed later tonight.
Do you think that eight different tops, two pairs of jeans and seemingly more underwear and socks than I can count is too much for five days?

I also made a list this morning to ensure that I didn't miss any of those little twiddly things that should do before we leave... stuff like changing my bed, putting the clocks forward (since Daylight Savings kicks in while we're away), taking all of my work related crap out of my Crumpler bag... you know, boring but slightly essential stuff.

I will admit though, while I am fairly excited about this whole thing, I don't feel anywhere near as excited as I was before we went to Sydney. I don't really know why either. Maybe its because this will be my third trip to Melbourne, maybe its because I had all the other "drama" leading up to the trip and didn't really have that much time to let it be the only thing on my mind, maybe it was because I was working and simply didn't have as much time to spend thinking about it, maybe its because some of the potential plans I was hoping for didn't eventuate, I don't know.

It just feel so much less like Yani On Tour this year... you know...

I am confident though that not a single thing is going to go wrong while we're in Melbourne... because between them H-San and Sugarmonkey spent what seemed like large amounts of today outlined every single possible, improbable and totally implausible thing that could, might or definitely wouldn't go wrong while I've there. Everything from extraordinary rendition (which I had to look up, because I had no idea what the hell it was) through to the hotel room teevee playing nothing but Entourage (I watched one episode, wasn't that fussed). So I'm fully covered... nothing will go wrong (don't ask me how the logic works, but it works very nicely in my head thank you very much... and anything that does go wrong I can blame squarely on those two chuckleheads).

The blog will once again be "going dark" while I'm away... technically I could probably have set up some posts to go live while I was away, but I always kinda like the idea of that gap... at least until I get back and I can fill in the days with long rambly stories that have no end...

So I guess I'll see you all next Monday at the earliest...

Now I'm off to get pizza because I just couldn't be bothered cooking anything tonight...

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swirly blue dots

swirly blue lightsAnother motion photo using my blue fairy lights...

Everything is very much on track for Melbourne... I just need to do the Web Check-In thing tomorrow at work and double confirm the details for the car to pick us up at the airport and we're all set. Just one day left (basically).

So essentially tomorrow, although Wednesday is actually like Friday for me... woohoo...

In other news (since I really don't have any news at the moment that isn't Melbourne or Beast related)... the final thing I needed to do with the whole ADSL/phone thing got done today... the ADSL was fine but I couldn't get a dial tone on my phone. I thought I was supposed to get a splitter thing with my setup, but after a quick phone call to the ISP, turns out that isn't the case. But a $10 piece of plastic from Dick Smith and I'm up, up and away.

Of course, the very first phonecall I got one the phone was working was, naturally enough, from a telemarketer. Actually it was from a charity, so I can't be that mad at them (since they're exempt from the Do Not Call Register). The trippy thing was that it was actually the charity arm of the organisation that Ma works for who called me.

I will say this about having superquick internet... YouTube is EVIL. I just get sucked in... I search for something, and then there are all these little "related" links, and the next thing I know, I'm deep in the land of questionable content and it's two hours later. Evil I tells ya!

Of course if anybody has any links to YouTube stuff I just HAVE to see, then by all means, drop me a comment... hehe... I've already seen the "Ukraine's Got Talent Sand Painting" and "The Evolution of Dance" and "Guitar Hero and Two Rubik's Cubes" and "I'm on a Boat" and "Jizz in my Pants" and far too many videos on the subject of "Gay Chicken"...

See... I'm addicted...

I did find this though, and although I don't understand a damn word of it, I think it's just about the sexiest thing ever...

I kinda wish they'd never cut to a different angle though... I like the voyeuristic quality of the single camera... but that's just me... I'm a big perv.

And here I was promising myself that I would never post videos... oh well...

I was also amused last night when I realised that I'd missed the first couple of minutes of Skins, so I very easily fired up the SBS website and watched what I'd missed online

I like being a part of the 21st Century.

I'm still not getting a Facebook page though.

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unconscious mutterings 348

I got some very good news last night... there was a message on my phone which I didn't get up and read immediately, but when I did I discovered that Tink has returned from the Great Blue Yonder and is back at the old salon. Woohoo! I'll have to drop in there some time tomorrow and say hello and maybe book something for later.

Plus since I've been trying out new places it also means that I have a spare salon close by if I need it.

Unconscious Mutterings...
  1. What pleases you? :: Naked men, chocolate, silence, street art, good movies
  2. Whatever :: Clueless
  3. Chime :: Wind
  4. Pleading :: Submissive
  5. Simulate :: Life
  6. Flashing :: Lights
  7. Directional :: Gyros
  8. Pink :: Evil Clowns
  9. Access :: All Areas
  10. Ugly :: Betty
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some sunday rambling

this is actually relevant to the post... even if i don't get around to mentioning whyYou know what... sometimes it's easier to release things to the Universe when you have a little help... and in this particular case, the help pretty much boils down to an orgasm (provided by somebody other than yourself).

I was stressing about this whole Holiday Hookup thing... and I had the thought that I really needed to just let the Universe take it and stop stressing... but it was easier said than done. But after a mid-morning bootay call I was able to let it all go without much drama. Maybe I'll do something while I'm away, maybe I won't... it's all a bit m'eh...

Speaking of bootay calls... do you ever get the feeling that somebody is sleeping with you because of what you can do rather than who you are... and if you couldn't do that thing you do as well as you do, they probably wouldn't bother with you. That was kinda what this morning was like. In some ways I was using him just as much as he was using me... but I do get the distinct impression that if he could find somebody to abuse him quite as well as I do then that would be it. Not that he's a regular playmate or anything, I think this is about our third actual meeting, but we talk online from time to time and he has a tendency to run hot and cold a bit there too. Maybe that's just him... maybe he gets to the pain place and enjoys hanging out there but doesn't necessarily show it. I have no idea. He's a little like Slick Willy to be honest... he's all about what I can do for him, but not really much about the reciprocation... actually he's slightly better about that than SW, but it's the lack of kissing that bothers me. But then that always bothers me.

Having said all that it wasn't an unenjoyable time, and it did get me to a somewhat more Zen place. So that's good.

Plus I was able to kill two birds with one stone and stop off on the way home to pick up some new luggage locks. I went to throw some stuff in my big purple suitcase this morning, only to discover that the lock wouldn't open. I know I remembered the combination for the lock... because it was really inappropriate... it was the same as the flight number for the plane in Lost... 815. But try as I might, I couldn't get the stupid lock to open. Fortunately, because it was only a cheapass $3 lock from The Reject Shop I was able to hack into it fairly easily with a pair of mean looking plyers I have in my toolbox. But it did leave me short one lock.

I ended up buying a more expensive version, with a key this time, so hopefully that won't be a drama... and there were two locks with two identical keys in the pack, so if either Ma or I have any drama about losing a key, there is still a spare.

And that was about it... I've pretty much vegged out in front of the laptop for the rest of the day... in fact I really have no idea where the hell the day went... it seems to have disappeared at a rate of knots. Part of the problem is that I don't have a "system" like I did with the old computer... I can be sitting reasonably comfortably in the living room, with the teevee on and still playing around online. Fortunately I decided to do some tidying up this morning before I switched on the computer, so my place isn't looking too bad.

I just need a routine now that I have Beast... I'm good with a routine... well, I need a routine and to get rid of the old computer so I have some room for the laptop in my bedroom.

But that's far too much thinking for a Sunday evening... so I'm going to go and attempt something constructive...

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shopping lite

it's a crappy photo, but that was more or less everything i bought this morningFirstly... why is it Winter again... we had Winter, it went away and we were having Spring... this Winter shit can kiss my ass...

In the end I decided to go shopping all on my ownsome this morning, and I also managed to do some tidying up both last night and this morning, so essentially it all worked out.

But as the photo on the right illustrates, it was a VERY light-on shopping day. Add to that some milk, kitchen towel, crackers, ham and Iced Coffee and that was my total shopping haul.

As I've said, it was something of an intense week last week, so I still have a bunch of stuff in my fridge and my cupboard (actually the cupboard has been full for a while now)... so there was very little stuff I really need for the coming week, especially since it's a very short week.

So yeah... a rather pitiful little collection of groceries really.

It did mean that I had enough time to get back, unpack, read the paper and fiddle around with the computer before Ma got here though.

For the most part we didn't do a whole hell of a lot of anything... and the things we did try and do didn't always work out the way we planned... but it wasn't a total waste of time.

Actually on that whole thing, it was interesting... I was flicking around YouTube this morning and watched one of the videos by fellow Blogger, Shannon, about asking for things and then releasing them to the Universe. One of the things he mentioned was asking for a parking space. So when Ma and I decided to head into the city, we tried to get a carpark on the hill like we usually do, but as we turned onto that road Ma said something about there probably not being one. And while I didn't say anything aloud, I did think to myself that we definitely would find one... and just left it at that. The obvious end to this story is that there was a carpark, but it was slightly more complicated than that (isn't it always the way with my stories)... there was a carpark, but Ma had pulled over to the side of the road and didn't manage to get herself sorted out quickly enough to take it before the very rude idiot behind us (like three cars behind too, which makes it worse) took it. And while I was a little cranky that Ma wouldn't indicate to signal her intention... but I didn't really stress about it, since I just knew we'd get another park. And we did... about half a dozen or so spaces further up, there was a car pulling out and we got the park no dramas.

So Shannon, while I can't log into YouTube to leave you a comment there, I'm just letting you know that it did work.

Anyway, given that today is the Annual Ritual of Meatheadery, the city did seem more deserted than normal... in fact while part of it might have been in my head, everywhere did seem just that tiny bit desolate. Which wasn't that bad really...

We wandered about a bit, went down to Ikeguchi and although I really had no intention of buying anything, ended up getting this cute little Jizo Buddha statue. Interestingly enough that actually led me to make a declarative statement that I really, really need to reorganise all of my tchotchka... retire some of the stuff and make more room for some of the stuff I do have. It's actually a thought that I've been having for a little while (since I got the Jamie artwork)... I really do need to simplify... or find some new way of displaying some of the little tiny stuff... I dunno... I just know that I need to formulate a change of some sort.

But obviously not until we come back from Melbourne.

The other thing we unsuccessfully tried to find was a different table for Beast... the one I'm using is okay, but it's not great... I can't get it as close to me as I would like, and the legs get in the way of my legs. Sadly, the one I wanted to look at turned out to be plastic and not have a very good locking mechanism for the tilt. There is a really nice one (the Alve) in the new Ikea catalogue, but it's a little on the pricey side and I have no idea where the hell I would store it when I wasn't using it. Thus is the general lament of living in a very small apartment.

And other than stopping off at the 24 hour Bakery on the way home, that was about it for our day.

So, yeah... now all I need to do is go to bed at a reasonable time tonight...

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photo friday: still life with beast

that right there is my baby beast
Still life with Beast (2009)

*contented sigh* Okay, so I officially have the full and complete weight off my mind re: The Beast.

Everything was running smoothly, except for my FTP program... I was using a shiny new program and it just wouldn't connect to the web space. Cue me all despondent and a little bit cranky. But today at work I tried with the old and classic FTP program I've used forever... and lo and behold it worked. I wasn't sure if it was going to work for me here at home, what with the what wireless router thing (I read a few things online that seemed to suggest that might be the cause of the problem), but I figured it was always worth a try. So try I did... and it worked first time. Woohoo!

Once that was done and I'd deleted everything from the old space, I sent off an email to my old ISP, essentially telling them where they could go and stick their overseas call centre amongst other things.

Just in time too... because in theory my old account expires tomorrow.

So now I'm all set. It does mean that every single one of my mood icons (bar the one on this post) is cactus (I probably could have left them up until they killed off my old account, but that might have only been another couple of days, and I wanted a clean break). So I'll get around to fixing them up... sooner rather than later hopefully.

It's been a hell of a week in general really... it seems like it's gone on forever and ever and ever... partly because so much stuff has been going on, but also because like a stupid bunny I've been staying up way past my bedtime each night, fiddling around on the laptop. Tonight was the first night that I was actually able to just come home and relax... Tuesday was the movies, Wednesday was the visit from J, yesterday was my haircut... like I said, I'm sure there should have been about three more days in there somewhere... it can't only have been three days ago that I got connected to ASDL.

So now I can officially switch over and start freaking out about the Melbourne trip. Fortunately it does mean that I can really only freak out between now and Wednesday...

And to be honest, at present I'm too freakin tired to bother freaking out.

Work was incredibly dull today... like mind-numbingly, soul-crushingly dull... there were no emails, no phonecalls, no nothing... but lots of going through a document and updating it. BORE-RING!

And when it wasn't totally boring, H-San and Sugarmonkey were giving me grief about getting a Facebook page... or rather because I have absolutely zero interest in getting one. Seriously, I've never seen the point of them. If I've lost contact with people, it's usually been for a reason or completely on purpose from my part... and I'll be honest, I prefer to keep all the different parts of my life separate from one another. Yes their are some overlaps, but mostly work, home and play do not and should not overlap.

I'm not exactly sure why I feel that way... maybe it's part of the whole gay thing... having to compartmentalise who you are and exposing different sides of yourself to different people. If I'm being completely honest though, it's mostly because I just don't like people that much. Specific individuals, sure... but people as a whole, not really.

So there will be no Facebook for yani, not now and not ever. And given how hard it is to delete one, that's probably a good thing.

For the record, any Facebook junkies can save their breath about trying to "convert" me. As anybody who's spent any time around the blog should be able to tell you, I am a particularly stubborn and bloodyminded individual... and the more people tell me that I "absolutely HAVE to" do something, the more stubborn and bloodyminded I'm going to get.

If nothing else, having said that "aloud" will make me even less likely to do it... which is good.

I do like YouTube though... all those pretty videos...

But as always I digress...

The weather currently, is shitful... according to the little weather icon on my Google Desktop tells me that it's 11°C right at the moment... although it was 9 and raining like a mofo earlier. And it's supposed to continue for the rest of the weekend. I'm hoping that we get some decent weather for the trip... although I can live with clouds so long as it doesn't rain.

I still haven't decided if I'm going to try and do my shopping on my own tomorrow morning... which would mean that I need to pull my finger out of my ass and do some tidying up tonight. I'm kinda leaning that way, but then I have no idea what the hell Ma and I will end up doing for the rest of the day. We pretty much have everything sorted for Melbourne (at least I think so anyway)... so it'd be a whole world of not very much. We'll see... so long as we're out of the wind and weather, I'm happy.

So, yeah... that's about it really... I'm pretty sure there were other things I was intending to include in this post, but my mind has devolved into chocolate custard right now... as you might have been able to tell by the fact that I've been babbling for the last ten minutes...

Hopefully some food will help... mmmm homemade ham and pinapple pizza...

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semi improptu travel related hair adventure

far too much hair related attentionSo with all this random freaking out about the laptop and my ADSL, the Melbourne trip has been on the backburner of my brain a little bit... and when Ma mentioned that she was going to be getting her hair done this weekend, I realised that I still hadn't organised having my hair done before we go away.

And, as I think I mentioned last time, one of the downsides of trying out new hairdressers is that you actually have to decide on one before you can book in. I also knew that the later I left it the harder it was going to be to find somewhere...

In the end I went to the same hairdresser as last time... partly because it was nearby, partly because the last haircut was reasonable... but mostly because it was easier than deciding on something new.

I originally wanted to book in for Saturday, but they only open at 9am, so that was no good (especially given the amount of time I ended up spending in there)... and since I wanted a cut and a colour, tomorrow night was no good, since they close at 5:30 (I think).

So, like last time, I totally went with the "we can fit you in in 10 minutes" haircut. Which worked out really well.

I was in there for two hours though, what with the cutting and the dying and then the toning when the whole thing came out a little on the ranga side. Also on the plus side was the fact that the HLBRSBB (man he needs an easier acronym) washed my hair before I had it cut. Sadly it was only a quick wash to get my hair reading, so I didn't get some of that deep scalp stimulation, but I forebear.

You would think though, that since he washes everyone's hair (or seems to) and since I had my hair washed three times, he would have done it more than once. No such luck. Buggeration.

I did seem to be attended to by every man, woman and homo though (actually that's a lie, they only have women and homos at that salon, not that I'm complaining). There was the slightly psycho but fun girly who actually cut my hair, then there was the aforementioned SBB, then there was the Uber Homo who gave Psycho Girly advice on the colour, then there was the girl who washed the colour out, and then the woman who put the toner stuff in, and then washed it out... and then I think the first hairwashing girly was the one who took my money when it was all over. It was quite a production.

I never really felt shunted around though... Psycho Girly did all the important stuff, the cut, the colour, the styling... she just left the other stuff to other people while she got on with another client.

Since I only had it cut at the end of last month, it didn't really need that much of a cut, so I just let her do whatever (she was much less focused on the whole hair experience than the guy from last time... but then she was really just working within the architecture that he'd left behind). The colour however, I went with a "kinda matching my eyebrows" request... and after discussion with Uber Homo (and, to be honest, much less discussion with me than I'm probably used to... but then I think Tink probably spoiled me for all other hairdressers for all time), she went off, made colour and slapped it on my head.

After a lovely time leafing through GQ and reading all about fashion and Jennifer Aniston I was handed off down the hairchain and the decision was made that the colour was too brassy, so I was off to get toner applied. Between you and me, I kinda didn't mind the brassy colour, but it was a bit ranga... not that there's anything wrong with that. I do really, really like the colour that it ended up though. I could be wrong but it feels like it might actually be the mythical "natural" colour that I've been searching for for ages and ages. Alternatively it could just be very similar to colours I've had before and really liked.

It does look good though, which is the main thing. Natural and lighter and much closer to my eyebrows (in colour, not location... because that would just be weird).

On the downside... like last time, it was somewhat more expensive than I was hoping for. Not excessively so, but it's probably about 25% more than I had been paying. But I like the results, so I didn't mind so much. And like I said, I did get what felt like the full service treatment.

So now I'm more than ready to impress the men of Melbourne (well, sorta)... which would be good, because I seem to be "Holiday Hookup Poison" at the moment... and I have no idea what that's about... maybe I used up all my good sex karma or something...

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random skins hotness

This week's Random Hotness visits The Land of Teevee...

I really liked the first two seasons of Skins... probably the second season more than the first, but it was an awesome show. I'm not so sure about this all new cast for the third season though. Well it's not the cast so much as it is the writing. It just seems a bit "been there, done that somewhat better than this". Especially the character of Cook... he's a pale imitation of Chris...

But on the upside, there is the lush Luke Pasqualino as Freddie Mclair and Ollie Barbieri as the dorktastic JJ.

luke pasqualin as freddie mclair ollie barbieri as jj

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guess where i am...

wired for... well, internet, i guessGuess where I'm sitting... I'm on my pretty little new red chair, typing on my wireless enabled laptop. Yes, I'm a freakin superstar.

Well, me and the internet, with a little bit of help from J (although mostly me... and the internet).

Because I was up really late last night (with all that late night internet action), I overslept a little bit this morning, so decided against going on my walk and instead sat around fiddling with my laptop. I was very happy, because what would normally have taken about three and a half hours only took me about an hour. And everything was so damn quick. And who knew there was video on the internet and I could actually see it. In short... woohoo!

Anyway, when I got to work I checked online to see if I could see a solution to the whole lack of wireless connection problem. I found something that sounded about right, but wasn't exactly sure how the hell to make it all happen.

So I asked J to swing by after work and see if he could help me set things right. But he was delayed, so I did some fiddling around myself (which sounds really, really dodgy when I say it like that) and actually managed to get it to connect. So I was going to move the computer into the lounge, and accidentally told it to install all the Windows Updates...

Now installing 1 of 41 updates...

Goddamit! Fortunately it was pretty much finished by the time J got here, and I'd set everything up all secure and stuff, so I was pretty damn pleased with myself.

So here I am, watching Margaret Cho in the lounge, typing a blog post and hanging out with J... I'm so 21st Century... and it's nice that I finally joined the rest of the world.

PS: Given all the weirdness going on in Sydney and Brisbane right now, I hope all my blogboys out there are okay!

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movies: up

upOkay, let's see... Gold Class, 3D and the new Pixar movie, Up... what could be better.

I know, I know, it's a little bit over the top, but I wanted to see it in 3D and there was a Gold Class session starting about half an hour after the regular session, plus I had a couple of Magnum wrappers laying around which entitled us to a free upgrade. So Gold Class it was...

I love Gold Class... I've said it before, and I'll say it again... although I was much more fidgetty this time than I've been in the past... but then I didn't take my shoes off this time around.

We decided that instead of getting dinner and then going to the movie, we might as well combine the two... perhaps not the best option on reflection (not the best pizza ever and it did seem to take much longer for everything to arrive than we specified), but it wasn't so bad.

The short that preceded the movie, Partly Cloudy, wasn't bad... not their best ever, but it was cute, although very subtle as far as the 3D went... but when you're dealing with soft fluffy clouds, how much D do you want.

Following that thought process to it's logical conclusion, in a lot of ways there wasn't a whole hell of a lot of point going to see Up in 3D. It's not an action movie like Bolt was... and even though some of the jungle scenery later on in the movie is really lovely, there really weren't that many "Oh WOW" moments to be had.

It's not really an "Oh WOW" movie actually. For all that it contains a flying house and South American jungle and giant birds, it's this small little story about a man and a boy. And yet again, damn Pixar made me cry.

And I will give Pixar their due... they're not afraid to either take their movies to a dark place or else explore, however briefly, subject matter that I'm sure a lot of people would say isn't appropriate for a "children's movie". But it makes their movies all the more powerful because of that.

As always, I don't want to give away too much of the story, but the opening scene (after a newsreel section that is very reminiscent of The Incredibles) covers pretty much everything you need to know about crotchety old Carl Fredricksen, and why he's the way he is in the trailers. Which is good, because it warms you up to the character and you feel for him.

To be honest, there isn't a whole lot to the story, and it's very similar to a lot of Pixar's other work in that it's essentially a buddy movie. It's sweet though. Not on the level of Finding Nemo perhaps, but it's enjoyable, even if it did make me cry.

yani's rating: 3 Adventure Books out of 5

success... kinda

success... kindaSuccess! Well, kinda...

Guess where I'm writing this post from... that's right, sitting on my bed, on the laptop, on ADSL. Woohoo. Well, kinda.

After yesterday's crapfest, I made a deal with the Universe. I would just let go of stressing about things, and in return the Universe would send me good stuff.

And for the most part it worked. I managed to book tickets for the movie tonight in record time... shortly after that the nice delivery man turned up with my modem. Woo to the Hizzah! I was very excited...

I managed to adopt Zen Calm for the whole day... in fact even now I have Zen Calm going on...

However when I got home I saw that my internet connection had dropped out on the PC. What I should have done was reconnected, written up my review for the movie, gone to bed and worried about the wireless modem and whatnot tomorrow night.

But I didn't. And while I am all hooked up to the internet and kicking it at 2000 km/hr currently... I'm not doing it wirelessly... I'm currently shackled to the modem via an Ethernet cable. Everything went off without a hitch, but the computer wouldn't recognise the wireless connection, even though the nextwork was sitting there and the signal was strong. I even called J to ask his advice, but it's a little hard doing the tech support thing over the phone when you haven't even seen the computer.

I'll get there though. Of this I have no doubt. And if it means I'm tethered down for now, well, so be it.

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i call bullshit

i call bullshitOkay... I call total and complete bullshit on the whole of today!
  • I had no idea there was supposed to be rain all this week, let alone thunder and lightning today... so I only had my crappy little umbrella and no jacket (even though I managed to avoid the "waves" of the storm and didn't get the least bit wet).
  • Given past performance, it's quite possible I could wake up tomorrow to no hot water... that is if there's actually a proper storm tonight.
  • I stood around in the bank feeling like a knob, only to be told that the thing that I wanted to do was actually something that was available on the banking website.
  • I am totally incapable of being able to organise Gold Class movie tickets from this dumbass computer... not helped at all by the dumbass new Event Cinemas website with it's 8 minute countdown to book a ticket (yes, it took my computer longer than eight minutes), too many images and javascript based menus... now I don't know if the vouchers I have will still be valid and if the seats I tried to book are locked up like once before.
  • My internet just randomly dropped out this morning for no good reason, and then when I tried to reconnect it told me there wasn't a dialtone... which there wasn't... I called the home phone from my mobile and it just rang and rang... but the home phone didn't ring at all.
  • I ran into one of the guys who couldn't make the dinner party on Saturday while I was waiting at the bus stop... he also just happens to work for the ISP I'm joining up with... he's also somebody I'd very much enjoy licking.
  • The aforementioned ISP still hasn't called me.
  • The woman at the Chinese place I got my lunch from wasn't listening and gave me the wrong stuff... I couldn't be bothered arguing, so I ate it anyway.
Thank the heavens for M&M's, coffee icecream and lemon twist yoghurt (not all together at the same time obviously)...

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unconscious mutterings 347

Today has been bullshit... more on that later...

Unconscious Mutterings...
  1. Disconnect :: Phone
  2. Contribute :: Charity
  3. Dismay :: Alarm
  4. Constant :: Vigilance
  5. Nails :: Sharp
  6. Vibrate :: Dildo
  7. Therapy :: Psycho
  8. Stupid :: People
  9. Poo :: Head
  10. Commune :: Hippies
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j's secret birthday party

i'm so the little kid in yellow at the front...So it turns out that a number of things are true...

I am a fuckin worrywart. It is possible to both enjoy yourself at a dinner party and still indulge in your backup plan. Fourteen is actually too many people for one of J's dinner parties.

It's also true that I totally forgot that yesterday was Talk Like A Pirate Day, and today is J's birthday, hence last night's dinner party (okay, that's only really about the latter, and not at all to do with the former)... even though he actually didn't tell anybody that was the reason, and I had totally forgotten.

Now I'm glad that the Universe (via Sugarmonkey) instructed me to take wine!

And it's also true that J really can't count (he had counted the exact number of guests, but forgot to count himself), and that the only real screwups last night were pretty much logistical (the aforementioned counting mostly but also a lack of a seating plan of any kind).

As usual I was the first to arrive... but while I'm usually a whole world of time planning and "is it too early to go, I think it is to early, so I'll just do this, oh and now it's later than I would have liked and I feel like I'm in a rush", which is pretty much my default setting for everything, last night could not have been cruisier... I finished what I was doing, had a shower, got dressed, packed up my stuff and headed off, getting there almost exactly at the specified time.

What was a little disturbing was that because there were 14 people coming (although J was still thinking it was 13 at this stage), there were actually two tables that had been pushed together to make one freaking giant table... and honestly I think that was a mistake... not the "allowing everyone to have adequate room to eat" thing, but rather having so many people that it became almost impossible to hear a conversation on the other side of the table and everyone seemed to fragment into little groups much more so than at previous parties.

But my general fears about the particular mix of people were mostly unfounded... even though J had rambled on about how there was such a range and mix of people coming, there really weren't... mostly you could boil it down to "skinny little gay boys" (although having said that, there was probably only one of them who was the totally stereotypical ideal of that), "the old queen and partner" (who can be fun, although a little draining after a while... and the partner just bothers me for some unspecified reason), "the woman incapable of comprehending irony or sarcasm" (yeah, marvel in that concept for a second... you're surrounded by gay men and don't get sarcasm), "family" and me. With an emphasis on skinny little gay boys group. Not that they were uninteresting, and not that J's parties haven't often been skewed heavily in that direction, but it was much more manageable than I thought it might have been.

And of course, J's social circle is often slightly biased towards people he's either slept with or attempted to date at some stage. While that did occur last night, it wasn't the worst ever example of that though.

I also really realised last night that very often I know some seriously random stuff... while I wasn't especially Chatty Cathy all night (more on that in a sec), I did manage to pull out some really random pieces of information that, while they were totally relevant to what we were talking about at the time, were still pretty damn random (and it was commented on at one point too). It was also kind of funny that there were two pieces of information that filtered back to me that were like (and just go with me here on the analogy) pigeons that I'd released out into the world and had taken a very long time to return.

One was the "nickname" that Sheba and I gave to a particular little gayboy back at the dawn of time (who wasn't in attendance)... actually it wasn't so much a true nickname as a statement that "he could eat an apple through a tennis racket" (ie bad teeth). And someone at dinner last night called him "Tennis Racket", which I thought was amusing.

The other informational pigeon is one that I usually end up mentioning at J's dinner parties sooner or later, but I never really took on board that other people may have taken it and used it... and that's the concept of the "Seven Minutes Silence". I have no idea where the hell I read or heard about it, but as the concept goes when any group of people are in conversation, there is a natural lull or pause every seven minutes. The larger you scale up the group the less likely it is that all the little subgroups will have 7MS that intersect, but there was a point last night when it did... so, as usual, to break the 7MS I tell people about the 7MS. And it turns out that J's sister has taken that particular little nugget and mentioned it to other people.

People listen to things I say... who knew!?!

The main issue I had with last night was, as I said, the size of the group... usually it's easy enough to switch between conversational groups at a dinner party, and while there was some of that, it was harder than normal due to the size of the table. Added to that was the fact that I was kind of in "The Family Corner" (not intentionally, it just worked out that way and I was fairly happy about it), but there were a couple of times where I was a little bit Robinson Crusoe when people got up to do things between courses, and I did feel like I was being ignored at certain points. Hence the aforementioned lack of Chatty Cathyness at certain points.

It did give me the ability to observe though, which is always fun... but it also meant that I didn't always get to chat to the people I may have liked to. J did admit that he really should have had a seating plan rather than just letting everyone gravitate to wherever they felt like sitting, and it potentially could have been a very different evening if he'd done that... so long as I didn't have to sit next to the woman who didn't understand sarcasm...

I would like, if I may (and it's my blog, so I very much may do whatever I damn well like) to talk about Butch for a moment...

Butch is a contradiction... I don't mean that he's not small-b butch (or at least he was within the context of the group), but he's got this whole constructed persona about him that is very defensive and very standoffish and just a little bit evil, but underneath he's actually a total sweetheart who cares about people and wants to see the good in them. This isn't the first time I've met Butch either... he came to at least one other dinner party some time back, but since then he's been all over the world and done some pretty cool things. And he's almost the last person you'd expect that of... or rather, it's the last thing you would expect from the person he used to be.

I also worked out by the end of the night that in certain situations "I'll break your fingers" is his way of saying he likes you (granted I think there are a number of situations where it actually means "I'll break your fingers", but I don't think last night was one of them)... but even while he was saying that he was making sure I had beer (granted, only when he was getting himself beer, and be brought me even after I told me "no more"... but it's the thought)... actually there was just a range of little tiny things, that sound kinda dumb if I try to explain them, but it was their cumulative effect. And yes, I will admit to a little bit of a crush, even before the very end of the night... but just a little one.

Actually (one of these days I think I need to add up the number of times I use "actually" in a blog post... I have a feeling it's excessive), last night was slightly "crush heavy" as far as J's dinner parties go... possibly just because it was a range of new people, and a much larger number of people, I don't know... but I did find myself having a mild twinkle for three of the guys... one of whom was kind of the prettier version of J (which I don't want to think about too much because the concept of crushing on him is a little disturbing)... and the other (with Butch being the third, obviously) being a guy that J is currently "courting" (J's inference, not mine... since they're dating but not yet sleeping together). He's the person who I wish I'd gotten more of a chance to talk to... he's very reserved but exudes this very classy vibe that I liked... plus I think there's a whole Eurasian/Celtic mix going on with him that I would have liked to ask him about... but alas, the opportunity never eventuated.

The night actually broke up very suddenly... J's parents had wandered off, as had his sister, then the first couple of guests took their leave and suddenly it seemed that the winds had changed and everyone was off to Mars (the club, not the planet or the chocolate). Had I known that was where the evening was likely to end up I might have considered going along... but I also don't know what the ratio of dancers to drinkers would have been, and if I was going to go for the first time in about a hundred million years, I fall firmly into the dancer camp... and if most of the rest of them were going to stand around and not dance, what's the point. And yes that is a massive amount of self justification, but it also happens to have a degree of truth to it. The real reason is that I just didn't want to go.

But because I had to drive through town to get home anyway I offered my services as taxi. And I drew the good straw and ended up with J and Butch coming along with me, everyone else that piled into someone else's car. That was nice actually... although I think that J and Butch were both teetering around the very beginnings of that "I luff youze guys" stage, because there was very much Truth being spoken in my car.

When I dropped them off, Butch, who had been in the back seat was extracting himself from the car but leaned over and blew a raspberry on my cheek, and I kind of expected that to be it from him, but he ended up doing this little butterfly kisses thing on my cheek and giving me a big, if awkward and sideways, hug (I couldn't actually hug him back, and I think I was a little startled by it as well) before they tromped off...

in the locker roomAnd while I admit I had been thinking about it while the "lets go to Mars" idea first hit, I figured that since it was only midnight (or thereabouts) I could still indulge in my backup plan and swing by the sauna...

It turned out to not be a completely stupid idea... although there weren't really that many guys there and that only got worse as we inched closer to closing time, I did have a couple of fairly enjoyable and slightly intense experiences.

Of course, I also ran into Marc right after I got there... but he disappeared within a couple of minutes...

And it was definitely better than standing around a nightclub being prickteased by boys I can't have.

I will admit to being slightly bleary eyed and a touch the worse for wear when I finally surfaced this morning though...

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jumbly little saturday

cyberpunk shopperCan somebody please explain to me why, on the weeks when I'm going to be going to the movies my money only seems to stretch between Thursday and Saturday afternoon, but on the weeks where I don't go to the movies I have much more money left... weirdness...

Anyway, it was something of a brief shopping day today, since I have J's dinner party tonight and Ma is going to Princess T's birthday party.

It did turn out to be the kind of day where you end up picking up a bunch of things that you have been intending to get for ages, but always forget about...

And since the weather has taken on a Spring vibe (even if it's a little chilly) there did seem to be a large amount of hot guys around, most of them wearing less than normal (or just unconsciously exposing parts of their underwear). Mmmmm...

After the usual Supermarket Safari et al, we headed down to West Lakes for no real reason, although I did want to pick up a bottle of wine to take to J's (and I'd forgotten to do it earlier)... and that's about when certain things seemed to start falling into place, purchase wise...

manjusriNothing that was particularly essential, but a DVD I've been wanting for a while was a reasonable price, a belt buckle that may end up being totally impractical, sneaker cleaner, as well as a Bico lion pendant (Manjusri) that I've had my eye on for a while now and a rubber necklace (like my other one, but the rubber is much softer) to go with it...

Just as a brief sidebar, ever since I had my spirit guide portrait done last year (the Zulu warrior with the lion) I've found myself increasingly drawn to the "lion aesthetic"... which is interesting, because I wouldn't have said that I necessarily identified with the lion out of all the big cats (especially since the Tiger is my Chinese Astrology sign)... so maybe it's more of a general cat thing (since I'm so much more a cat person than a dog person). But when Marc was here on Tuesday we were talking about something (boys I'd like to jump perhaps, I don't remember exactly) but he told me I was a lion. Which I thought was interesting, since it came almost completely out of nowhere.


After we'd done the full loop of West Lakes we had a little bit of something to eat, and then went back and picked up some other things we'd either forgotten about (the wine, black shoe polish) or only seen on our first loop (really tasty dip from The Yoghurt Shop)... and that was it... we bid fond farewell to all the pretty and occasionally skanky boys wandering around the shopping centre and headed back here.

We did get somewhat distracted on the way back, Ma wanted to call off and look at the funky little shops in Queen Street (I can't remember why exactly), so we did... I just wish funky and unique didn't always equal expensive... there was this groovy wooden robot with rope arms that was close to $200, and it was only about 30cm tall... and don't even get me started on the stuff that was in the "baby store". Muea expensivo.

Once we were finished there we took a "shortcut" back to my place which just happened to take us down Hawker Street, where I've shot graffiti on more than one occasion... and we found a new Toy Soliders Crew mural... woohoo... although interestly it's the least "Benzo" Benzo piece I think I've ever seen. I do need to go back and rephotograph it though... the sun was totally in the wrong spot.

Now, because my stupid computer keeps having a seizure, I have much less time than I hoped I would before I have to start getting organised for J's party... and you can tell that I'm not particularly enthusiastic about it (I know, I know, I'll be fine once I get there) because there's an idea floating around in the back of my head that if it's completely a waste of time I can always throw in the towel (no pun intended) early and go hit the sauna...

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photo friday: pink swirls

pink lightsSome time ago I experimented briefly with some kinetic photography and some motion shots of the regular white fairy lights I had... and as I was turning off the blue LED lights I picked up after Christmas, I was inspired to grab my camera and experiment. This shot is the result of also leaving my pink glitter lamp on... swirly!

It's been a hell of a day... come to think of it, it's been a hell of a week... more than my fair share of angst, and one of those weeks at work where it seemed like every time I got a third of the way through one thing, three more would find their way onto my desk...

But fortunately I managed to knock about half of them on the head before I left this afternoon.

It was also a very social week... I had Marc over on Tuesday, a bunch of us went out to lunch on Thursday and I started the process of organising drinkies with past and present work crew

And now I'm just tired... partly because everything has seemed to take ten times longer than it should have this evening... and partly because, you know, it's late and it's Friday...

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freakout update

okay maybe i'm not so embarrassed, but i am having an 'aww shucks' momentAs a general rule I like to panic about stuff before it happens, and then once it starts to happen, unless it's a complete and monumental screw up (which 99 times out of 100 it isn't), then I chill out and relax...

Remember yesterday when I was having my modem related freakout...

And now have a look at the image that accompanies this post.

No, the modem didn't arrive today, but I did ring the ISP (which I really should have done on Tuesday) and the nice girly (who I could actually barely hear) informed me that rather than arriving two days after I submitted the application... the modem would be arriving two days after the application is COMPLETED.


Although I have to say that that does seem a little dicky to me... for two days I'm going to have a fully functional ASDL 2+ account and no way to access it.

But at least that's one particular weight off my mind...

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random dumped hotness

Something from the wacky side of the photography fence for this week's Random Hotness... two shots from the Dumped series by Brooklyn based photographer Meg Wachter. Meg dumps or pours things on the head of a willing participant and photographs the results.

Here we have Corey, covered in Spaghetti O's... and Phillip, drenched in not only coffee, but also cream and sugar... tasty!

corey - spaghetti o's phillip - coffee

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mid september freakout

'we mustn't panic, we must remain calm.... arrrggghhhhhhhhh'... extra points if you can name the movieOkay, I'm getting my freakout on (as opposed to getting my freak on, which is completely different, or flying my freak flag, which is more fun)... and I need to share, so buckle up buttercup...

It's not even one thing... it's about twenty billion little things...

Firstly, no modem. I signed up for the new ISP last week... I'm positive it said that the model would be delivered (by a different company) within two (working) days. That was four (working) days ago. Well, three technically.

And so I'm freaking out about that... with all the associated "what if's" (what if they say they delivered it and I can't prove they didn't, what if I can't work out how to get myself connected to the net, what if, what if, what if). Granted I'm fully aware that what if's don't help anyone... but my mind does like to wander.

I think it's doubly bad because they're delivering it to work... if I could have arranged a time for them to deliver it here, I might have been okay, but it's the not knowing and suchlike that always does me in.

And, of course, since H-San and Sugarmonkey know that I'm freaking out about it somewhat, they like to prod at that particular sore spot... little buggers. Although Sugarmonkey did crack the three of us up royally on that whole general subject, which made me feel a bit better.

But there's always something whenever I embark on a new path... something that attempts to divert me or impede me. And I'd like to be all Zen and say that it's actually me that's holding myself back, but it's usually stuff that's beyond my control.

On the up side, they haven't told me that my account has been connected or anything yet, so it's not like I have Beast on one side, the internet on the other and no way to connect the two. And if that does happen, at least I can complain about it.

I did attempt to call the ISP earlier, but after sitting on hold for about five minutes on my mobile I was still "number three in the queue", so I gave up and will try again at some point tomorrow from work.

Freakout Number Two... Melbourne.

It's only fifteen days before I'm leaving on a jet plane, and while a fair amount of my freakout energy is currently pointed at the modem issue, there is some of it that's found it's way over to the travel column.

I think I have much less travel anxiety about Melbourne than I did about Sydney... mostly because this will be my third trip there and Ma's fourth... so we pretty much have Melbourne down. But this is different because we're going with Princess T, and while I know what stuff would be good for Ma and I to do, throwing her in the mix changes things.

Like I said to Ma at the beginning of the month though, Princess T will have exactly as good a time as she allows herself to have... if she's obnoxious and bratty then we might just have to drop her in the Yarra.

Don't get me wrong, I'm starting to get excited, as is Ma (although the text she sent me earlier mistakenly proclaiming that she was "herring excited")... I found a bunch of information about times and places for stuff we can do, and I went through and wrote down my list of things to pack a couple of days ago (which honestly isn't THAT dissimilar to the Sydney trip for the most part). But even though it's getting closer by the day, it doesn't really feel really real just yet. I'm not sure it will until Ma brings my suitcase down the weekend before we go... having that sitting around the house for a couple of days should let reality set in.

It's also going to be the longest vacation since I went to Melbourne the first time. Five days didn't sound like all that much when we originally booked, but as it gets closer, and the fact that we'll be spending those days with somebody I usually see for about an hour once a year does add to the freakout a little bit.

The last thing that's weighing on my mind is also literally the least thing...

After J invited me to this "dinner party" on Saturday I messaged him to ask who was going to be in attendance, if only so that I could summon up the necessary amount of enthusiasm for people I would have liked to see.

Turns out there will be 12 people in attendance (and although that doesn't include J's parents, I'm not sure if it includes J... but it does suddenly occur to me that there's a whole Last Supper vibe going on)... most of whom I won't know. So that just doesn't bode well. J has eclectic tastes when it comes to the people that he surrounds himself with (I'm obviously a case in point), but for whatever reason they're not always particularly interesting people. And sometimes I'm fairly sure he likes to combine people because he knows they won't get along.

When you add my general bluntness and introverted personality (no matter what other people may think) to that mix, it could be a recipe for either me being an obnoxious bitch or... actually I'm not sure what the "or" is... maybe just being very reserved.

But hey, if it's that bad, I can always leave.

Okay, enough whining and general self pity and freaking out over little things... I need some dinner...

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marc, pasta and cards

gambit is playing with completely different cards, but you get the ideaAnother pleasant evening having dinner and playing cards with Marc, much like last time in fact...

Actually almost exactly like last time with a few minor differences... the first being that we ate dinner out instead of bringing something back here... secondly, we went to Fasta Pasta instead of getting pizza... which was okay. The food was fairly average, but luckily there were more than enough cute boys wandering up and down the street to keep me happy.

Then we got down to the serious business of Phase 10 (using the set I bought)... and although I came out strong with a very early lead, it came down to the wire in the end and although I finished the phases first, Marc beat me on points. So I think that's two games me, one game him.

J also called while we were at dinner... I finally got around to messaging him about my laptop (I'm a bad man, I kept forgetting to tell him that I bought one, let alone what I bought)... and he's finally gotten around to organising one of his twisted little dinner parties... so that's were I'll be off to next Saturday.

So, yeah... that, along with general workness, was pretty much my day... although on the downside, I still don't have my modem... *sulk* (hopefully I don't have to go through The Twelve Labours of Hercules to get it either).

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unconscious mutterings 346

It was a glorious morning this morning... the birds were out in force, the sun was up early enough for me to finally see where I was going properly, the rowers were back (although none of them have been anywhere near as appealing as the first group I blogged about)... and then I got in to work... and got a bit of a shock.

Trev the Goldfish died over the weekend.

I knew something was wrong when he wasn't swimming mad laps around his bowl when I got to my desk. Dead as a doornail or, in his case, a fish finger. A very brief service was held, followed by a ritual flushing. Poor Trev.

Unconscious Mutterings...
  1. Omelette :: Cheese
  2. Classic :: Movie
  3. Thrifty :: Car Rental (sometimes I think my head is just full of pop culture references and commercials)
  4. Search :: Website
  5. Fan :: Fanatic
  6. Fussy :: Bitch
  7. I am not :: A lot of things
  8. Indulge :: Your senses
  9. Poor :: Baby
  10. Manicure :: Pedicure
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You Are Asparagus

You're not exactly subtle. You seduce people by being highly suggestive.

And surprisingly, it works. Your outrageous ways are very appealing.

You always try to look as sexy as possible. Even if it means being a bit inappropriate.

You somehow always manage turn the vibe sexual. You have more fun when everyone is being naughty!

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movies: ponyo

ponyo - welcome to a world where anything is possibleIn a lot of ways Ponyo was the perfect movie accompaniment to today... while it filled in the time, there wasn't very much to it (and the title of the post may be a little harsh, although Ma and I both admitted that we found ourselves fighting "the drowsy" at difference points).

At the risk of having all the Hayao Miyazaki fans howling for my blood, I have a very hit and miss relationship with the work of Studio Ghibli, Howl's Moving Castle was a complete travesty (it received one of the second lowest rating I've ever dished out)... but I quite enjoyed Spirited Away (although the ending is a bit crap), Kiki's Delivery Service and Porco Rosso... but My Neighbour Totoro left me cold (I spent the whole time waiting for something to actually happen) and then Nausicaä and Laputa just ended up feeling very campy (from memory anyway).

So I would have to say that Ponyo needs to be filed alongside Totoro... not that nothing happens in the story, but it feels very much a movie aimed at kids.

Some of my objections to it may be due to a difference in cultures and some of it may be because of the English translation... but parts of the movie are just plain old weird, even for a Miyazaki film...

Firstly you have the heroine, Ponyo, who doesn't look anything like a fish... in fact she looks like a beanbag with a human head, but nobody (bar one old lady) seems even remotely surprised that this "fish girl" doesn't actually look like a fish (and certainly not the "goldfish" they all keep referring to her as, other than the fact that she's vaguely goldfish coloured)... then there's Ponyo's dad... who isn't a fish at all (in fact he has the Ghibli version of David Bowie going on that seems to crop up in the adult male characters in their movies... Howl suffered from it too), and who seems to need air but at the same time has to keep his feet wet on land. And don't get me started on keeping the Old Folks Home (which seems to be occupied solely by women) inside of giant jellyfish filled with water that isn't water...

The plot just doesn't seem to want to make complete sense. I'm not saying that I didn't understand what was going on, but some of the motivations and reasons for certain things are hazy at best.

I'm sure that Miyazaki fans will tell that that is the whole point and it's left open to interpretation and you need to fill in the blanks yourself and all that stuff... but, to me, it just felt like sloppy storytelling.

I'm willing to give some leeway to the occasionally "crude" animation... this is hand drawn stuff after all, and I think it's more that I'm used to the "high quality" (and mostly CGI these days) stuff that's more common to Disney and Pixar and the like.

But while the foreground and the actual moving animation was occasionally a little bit off, the backgrounds were pretty much consistently beautiful... especially the stuff early in the movie that's seemed to be obviously pencil drawn (you could see the individual pencil marks)... it had a really nice watercoloury feel about it, even if it did also look slightly unreal. It was effectively used though... most obviously during a very hurried driving sequence where the background outside becomes a big green blur of pencil lines. I think the movie progressed to a more traditional background style later in the movie, although I can't say for certain since I think I stopped noticing after a while.

And there are some genuinely beautiful sequences... the whole boating bit after the storm is quite gorgeous...

It also has what has to be the weirdest set of closing credits ever...

So all in all it was okay... not great, but serviceable.

yani's rating: 1 sentient seawater blob out of 5

a brief tale of shopping

woman shopping at a jaunty angleIt was very much a Saturday of Little Importance this week... well, maybe that's being unkind, since we did manage to fill the whole day, but given recent excursions that seem to have been somewhat more intense or at least involved more travelling around, this week was very laid back.

Cue Supermarket Safari montage... blah blah broccoli, blah blah steak, blah blah ham, blah blah iced coffee...

Then we headed down to Marion since we had decided to cash in some of our Event Cinema (aka Greater Union) points and go and see Ponyo (more on that later).

We did the usual wander around the shops at Marion, including having a quick look at the Christmas decorations that are already up in David Jones (scary), poked around for a little "laptop mouse" that I can use instead of (or as well as) Beast's trackpad. And although we had to endure the checkout line that wouldn't end in Kmart, we got through our wander with time to spare before the movie. Granted that meant a lot of sitting around, but you can't have everything.

The only downside to going to see an animated movie on a Saturday is that children show up... and while I'm all for teaching children the correct way to behave in a movie theatre (sit down, shut up and actually watch the movie), I'm not overly a fan of having to be there for it. For the most part though they were reasonably okay.

After the movie we wandered off to get some lunch, did another wander around so that I could pick up the laptop mouse (which involved using the new Self Serve checkouts in Big W... which would have been fine except that I put the bag I was carrying down on the "packing tray" and the machine had a hissy fit at me... so I left it and used another one since none of the staff were being helpful), and then came home.

See what I mean... a whole world of nothing much happened...

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